Couple making $70K a month: We feel like we’re broke

Despite having a net worth of $1.3 million and earning up to $70,000 per month, a wealthy couple expressed feeling financially strained.

Sandra, aged 46, and Brad, aged 48, married for 25 years, admitted that financial disagreements have strained their relationship, leading Brad to consider divorce.

Despite Brad’s $70,000 monthly earnings in the mortgage industry, Sandra expressed feeling financially stretched, particularly due to their “elevated lifestyle,” including private schooling, ballet lessons, and sports camps for their four children. They even indulged in a $25,000 bedroom set.


Despite Brad’s decreasing income from $800,000 annually, their spending remained high. Sandra feels anxious about Brad investing their $1 million life savings in risky fracking operations, yielding $20,000 monthly. While Sandra desires financial stability, Brad aims for grand ventures, causing frustration.


Sandra manages their finances, meticulously tracking expenses across 82 categories, from kid’s activities to dog food. Previously, budgeting wasn’t a concern, but with Brad’s fluctuating income, Sandra worries about fitting essentials into their budget during lean months.

Written by Telha

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