Study: You shouldn’t wear makeup when exercising

Exercising boosts blood flow to your skin, providing oxygen and nutrients. However, wearing makeup during workouts can harm rather than benefit your skin.

Researchers conducted a study involving 43 university students to investigate the effects of makeup on skin during exercise. They applied a drugstore-brand cream foundation to the foreheads and under-eye areas of the participants while leaving the bottom halves of their faces makeup-free.


After running on a treadmill for 20 minutes, the researchers analyzed the skin using a device that measures moisture levels, oil amounts, and pore size.

The results showed higher moisture levels, smaller pores, and increased sebum levels on the makeup-covered areas, indicating potential negative impacts on skin health during exercise.


Sebum is a marker of debris, dirt, and bacteria buildup on the skin, which may contribute to conditions like acne. Interestingly, oil levels were lower on the makeup side, although the reason for this was not clear. It’s possible that the foundation was interfering with the skin’s ability to regulate its oil levels.

Written by Telha

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