Study: Men with small penises have higher IQs

A groundbreaking study suggests that men with shorter penises tend to have higher intelligence quotient (IQ), based on data from 115,000 men across 139 countries, shedding light on the relationship between male sexual maturation and cognitive abilities.

Attention, gentlemen, rejoice, for the moment we’ve all anticipated has arrived: amidst discussions surrounding the perfect penis size from a female perspective and the sensational craze of the penis facial, a groundbreaking study has surfaced, shedding light on a correlation that promises to uplift spirits worldwide.


Delving into the depths of male anatomy and cognitive prowess, researchers have meticulously examined data from a staggering 115,000 men spanning 139 countries, unearthing a compelling link between penile length and intelligence quotient (IQ).

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the study suggests that men boasting shorter penises tend to exhibit higher levels of intelligence.


Spearheaded by a collaborative effort of esteemed institutions globally, this extensive analysis stands as a testament to the collective pursuit of understanding the intricate interplay between male sexual maturation and cognitive faculties.


While smaller-scale studies have previously hinted at such a connection, this comprehensive worldwide investigation provides a robust foundation of evidence, paving the way for deeper insights into the fascinating realms of human sexuality and intellect.

Written by Telha

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