Ghana/ 5+ years in jail if you identify as LGBT

The law in Ghana penalizes creating or backing LGBTQ+ groups with up to five years in jail, amid growing anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment, pending presidential approval, raising concerns about rights violations and targeted attacks, and proposing up to ten years imprisonment for advocating LGBTQ+ rights to minors and promoting public reporting of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Legislation imposes a maximum of five years imprisonment for establishing or endorsing LGBTQ+ associations. Despite attempts to substitute jail time with community service or counseling, lawmakers vehemently opposed such measures. This underscores a mounting anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment prevailing in Ghana, a traditionally conservative nation in West Africa.


Endorsed by Ghana’s major political factions, the law awaits presidential endorsement, contingent upon widespread public support. Homosexuality is already outlawed in Ghana, carrying a three-year jail term.


Amnesty International recently denounced the legislation, asserting its infringement upon the fundamental rights and liberties of LGBTQ+ individuals. Activists express concern over potential targeted violence and the ensuing necessity for concealment.


Furthermore, the law stipulates a maximum of ten years imprisonment for advocating LGBTQ+ rights to minors and encourages citizens to report LGBTQ+ individuals to authorities.

Written by Telha

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