Dylan Mulvaney, Trans Activist, Shares Facial Surgery Results

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist, shares the remarkable results of her facial surgery in this revealing blog article.

Dylan Mulvaney, known as a transgender activist with over 10 million followers, took a big step at 27. When she was just 4, she knew she was meant to be a girl. Today, she has undergone facial feminization surgery to align her outer appearance with her true identity.

Her follower count soared to one million in just five days after she started her daily journal on TikTok.

Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney, an actress, comedian, and advocate for transgender rights, faced adversity in 2020 when she lost her job. Turning to TikTok, initially seen as a platform for young people, she found solace and empowerment in sharing her journey as a transgender woman.

Her series, “Day X of Being a Girl,” became popular as she courageously shared insights into her transition process and connected with others facing similar experiences.

Initially, Dylan Mulvaney had no idea how it would change her life.


Many transgender people shared their transition stories online, but Dylan Mulvaney noticed a gap: few documented their journey from the beginning. So, she began creating videos, initially for her close circle.

Her videos evolved into a mix of tutorials and behind-the-scenes insights, providing valuable information to current and future transgender individuals. Although intended for the LGBTQAI+ community, her content resonates with a wider audience.

Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan finds it incredibly rewarding when others feel inspired to embrace their true selves. She receives numerous messages of hope and encouragement, which fuel her passion and enthusiasm. Her direct, one-on-one approach to addressing the camera, combined with her authentic storytelling about her daily life, instantly connects her with viewers, forging a strong bond.

She underwent a series of facial feminization procedures, aiming to transform her features to appear more feminine.


These surgeries are often sought by transgender women like her to align their physical appearance with their gender identity. They can include adjustments like reducing the size of the forehead, enhancing lips and cheeks, and reshaping the nose, chin, and jaw.

Dylan Mulvaney

After a hiatus from social media, Dylan made a memorable return at the 2023 Grammy Awards, showcasing her transformation. The results of her surgery were striking, evident in the photos.

Dylan sees herself as fortunate to have undergone the procedure. She emphasizes, “Had I not been trans, these wouldn’t have been changes that I sought out, but because of my gender dysphoria, I felt I needed it. I want us to all start viewing FFS as important as other gender-affirming healthcare.”


Dylan’s narrative has resonated with numerous people, encouraging them to explore aspects of themselves previously unexamined. She values this impact, stating, “While I can’t respond to every message, knowing that my videos may give someone the confidence to live their truth is reason enough to continue.”

Transgender individuals navigating their self-discovery journey are akin to superheroes, displaying remarkable strength and bravery.

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