Official: UK is the second most miserable nation in the world

According to research, the UK ranks as the world’s second-most miserable country.

A recent report on mental wellbeing reveals that the United Kingdom ranks among the least content nations globally, trailing only behind Uzbekistan. Amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the strain of a cost-of-living crisis, the UK occupies the 70th position out of 71 countries in overall mental wellbeing, with an average score of 49, compared to the global average of 65.


Conducted by the US-based Sapien Labs think tank, the study assessed various factors including mood, social self, drive, adaptability, cognition, and mind-body connection. Drawing responses from over 500,000 individuals across 71 nations, the research attributes lower scores in affluent countries to early exposure to smartphones, consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs), and a decline in interpersonal relationships leading to increased loneliness.

In the UK, 35% of respondents express distress or difficulties with their mental wellbeing, with young adults and economically disadvantaged families being particularly affected. The report highlights a decline in mental wellbeing among the 18-24 age group since 2020, reflecting a challenging period marked by economic downturns, a persistent cost-of-living crisis, and volatility in the property market.


Factors contributing to the mental wellbeing crisis in the UK include political instability, further exacerbated by changes in leadership and scandals such as Partygate. The study also underscores the detrimental effects of consuming ultra-processed foods, which make up a significant portion of diets in the UK and the US. Regular consumption of such foods is associated with significantly poorer mental wellbeing, emphasizing the crucial link between diet and mental health.

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