Two male humpback whales reportedly engaged in sexual activity

Researchers have documented a groundbreaking event in marine biology: the observation of two male humpback whales engaging in sexual activity for the first time, captured off the coast of Maui in January 2022, with the first-ever photographs of penetrative sex released in a study published in Marine Mammal Science.

Researchers and marine biologists have recorded a groundbreaking event in marine biology, documenting an unprecedented occurrence where two male humpback whales were observed engaging in sexual activity.

This remarkable event took place in the waters off the western coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui in January 2022. While the social behaviors of humpback whales have been the subject of extensive study, this specific aspect of sexual behavior had not been previously documented or witnessed.


The revelation of humpback whales partaking in penetrative sexual activity marks a significant milestone in our understanding of these majestic creatures’ behavior. The first-ever photographs capturing this extraordinary behavior have been revealed, shedding light on a previously unexplored facet of humpback whale behavior.

This groundbreaking discovery challenges existing notions and expands our comprehension of the complexity of marine mammal social interactions and reproductive behaviors.


The findings of this research have been published in the prestigious journal Marine Mammal Science, providing valuable insights into the reproductive dynamics and social structures of humpback whale populations.


This unprecedented documentation offers researchers and scientists a rare glimpse into the intimate lives of these magnificent marine mammals and underscores the importance of continued research and conservation efforts to protect and preserve these remarkable creatures and their natural habitats.

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