“I’m going on a work trip and HR department is suggesting we share beds”

A woman from New Jersey was surprised by the content of an email from her workplace’s HR department regarding an upcoming retreat to Paris.

A TikTok user, known as @co.letter, disclosed in a video posted on February 23 that her company’s HR department requested all employees to share rooms and beds during an upcoming retreat to Paris.

The email stated, “You will notice in the survey that you have the option to share a room with a colleague, be advised that at present booking status, there is only one bed in the room.” The employee expressed shock, stating she had to read the email multiple times. Additionally, HR allowed employees not to answer the question if they preferred not to share.

Although the Cornell University graduate didn’t specify her workplace, she previously posted a TikTok video of a corporate retreat in the French Alps. However, judging by her recent reaction, the idea of shared rooms might not have been applied then. She joked about HR’s nonchalant attitude, suggesting they were probably sipping wine while drafting the email.

@co.letter criticized the HR department’s boredom or cost-saving motives and humorously suggested that her and a friend’s shared room experience in Paris could make a good book. She expressed disbelief that such arrangements could occur in a corporate setting.

Other TikTok users chimed in, with some finding the suggestion unethical or uncomfortable. One user shared a story of a coworker bringing someone home during a shared room situation. @co.letter also mentioned that multiple employees in her company have dated, joking that HR loves romantic comedies.

Written by Telha

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