iPhone Hacks: Former Employee Spills the Tea

Discover insider iPhone tricks from a former Apple employee. Unlock hidden features and boost your device’s potential today!

iPhone users can now benefit from the knowledge of a former Apple employee, Tyler Morgan, who has turned to TikTok to unveil a host of iPhone features that are not commonly known or used. With his TikTok account, Morgan offers insights into both well-known and less-known features, empowering users to maximize their iPhones’ potential.

iPhone Hacks
TikTok / @hitomidocameraroll

Tyler Morgan, a former Apple employee with nearly a million followers, runs a viral TikTok account. In his videos, he shares insider knowledge about hidden iPhone features that he gained during his time at the tech giant. Tyler Morgan is a sought-after authority for iPhone enthusiasts looking to unlock their device’s full potential.

TikTok / @hitomidocameraroll

The initial tip he shares is a quick one: instead of swiping to access the video function, just press and hold the camera button to start recording the video.

iPhone enthusiasts are eager to uncover these secret features, and Morgan’s insights are making life much simpler. Tyler Morgan’s TikTok has become a go-to for Apple users eager to maximize their devices.

iPhone Hacks
TikTok / @hitomidocameraroll

Consider the instances when you’ve wanted to capture a video but wasted time navigating to the video mode. Tyler Morgan’s TikTok reveals a simple fix, potentially saving users from missing precious moments.

Morgan’s next tip is a game-changer. Have you ever strained to reach the other end of your keyboard while texting? That frustrating experience of sliding your fingers across keys unsuccessfully now has a solution: the one-handed keyboard.

Accessible in the keyboard settings, this feature effortlessly switches to a compact mode, eliminating the inconvenience of stretching hands during texting. Subsequently, keys shrink in size, consolidating on one side of the screen, improving the ease of one-handed typing.

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Recording your screen with sound? Who knew? The voice-over screen recording feature is a fan favorite and a pleasant surprise.

To achieve this, swipe down and long-press the screen recording button, which will reveal a small button with a microphone icon. Click on this button to start recording your voice, along with whatever is being displayed on your screen.

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Another great feature is controlling your flashlight’s brightness. It’s not just ‘on or off’; you can adjust the intensity. An ingenious hack is using the search bar as a calculator, saving you from opening the app.

Here’s a familiar trick that can be quite annoying: shaking your phone to undo an action. For example, if you accidentally delete something in your notes, a simple shake can undo the entire process.

Do you know any other iPhone hacks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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