Apple Launches New iPhone Anti-Theft Feature

Apple introduces an innovative anti-theft system for iPhones, enhancing security and offering peace of mind to users.

Apple has introduced a new feature for the iPhone that prevents unauthorized access to files and passwords even if someone gains physical access to the device.

Once your phone is stolen, it’s usually lost for good. The person who took it is likely long gone, and law enforcement won’t prioritize its recovery. The thieves will proceed with their usual methods, gaining access to the phone through dubious means, uncovering your passwords, deleting all data to make it appear brand new, and selling it to an unsuspecting buyer.

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The iOS 17.3 beta intends to address some of the previously mentioned issues. One of its innovative security features is known as ‘Stolen Device Protection,’ which acts as a final barrier against iPhone thieves.

If a thief obtains your passcode, they can gain unrestricted access to all your data, potentially causing serious problems. Following such a breach, you’ll have to spend time and effort changing your passwords, blocking your credit cards, and getting new ones.

With this new feature, users can ensure that their phone remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Once activated, users will have access to certain phone functions, but critical features will remain inaccessible.

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Passwords become accessible only through Face or Touch ID. This security measure means only you, not even your twin, can access them.

Attempting to change passwords triggers the need for Biometric authentication. Failing to do so on the first try leads to subsequent requests for the same.

This feature is optional by Apple, requiring you to activate it in your settings for added security. To activate this feature, go to your settings and tap on “Face ID & Passcode”. Then, turn on “Stolen Device Protection”.

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