Man destroys his laptop after downloading 1,000 viruses to see which anti-virus software works the best

A man downloaded 1,000 viruses onto his laptop to test which antivirus software was the most effective.

YouTuber Nicholas Zetta, known as Basically Homeless on the platform, executed a move that is quite literally every hacker’s dream. Instead of avoiding every virus possible like we all try and do day-to-day, he took a rather different approach.

Phishing scams, dodgy text messages, and emails are just a few examples of how hackers attempt to retrieve our personal information. But what would happen if you ignored all the fake links and actually went out of your way to directly download all of the viruses?


Well, that’s exactly what Nicholas did; he downloaded nearly every virus he could get his hands on.

He documented the process in an entertaining video for his YouTube channel, which starts with an explanation of his aim—to see which antivirus was best in the least scientific way possible.

The process wasn’t at all complicated; it essentially consisted of clicking on as many suspicious-looking websites and links as possible. It didn’t take long for his laptop to be completely riddled with adverts, butterflies flying across the screen, and a very strange version of Minecraft.


This also led him to a website that had a directory of malware viruses ready to be downloaded, allowing him to get the whole lot in one go.

The process involved a lot of clicking ‘yes’ on boxes without looking at what he was downloading.

Written by Telha

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