Soon you’ll be able to use WhatsApp without internet

WhatsApp continues its commitment to enhancing user experience by continually developing new features. In a recent update to the Android beta version of the app, a promising addition called “People Nearby” has emerged.

This feature purportedly facilitates file transfers between two WhatsApp accounts without necessitating an internet connection.

The concept of offline file transfer has been under development for some time. However, the latest insights from WABetaInfo shed light on the setup screen for this feature, unveiling the requisite permissions necessary for its functionality.

Specifically, the screenshots originating from WhatsApp for Android beta indicate that WhatsApp is actively exploring methods to enable users to exchange photos, videos, documents, and assorted files without the reliance on cellular data or internet connectivity.


To enable this functionality, users will need to grant certain permissions, including the option to be discoverable by nearby users. Additional permissions entail access to storage and media files, location data, and the ability to establish connections with other devices within the local network.

Noteworthy is the users’ autonomy to revoke these permissions at their discretion. Furthermore, the file transfers facilitated by the People Nearby feature will be safeguarded by end-to-end encryption, akin to the existing security measures for messages and calls on the platform. Moreover, the transfer process will obscure the involved phone numbers.


In terms of operation, the functionality of the People Nearby feature appears straightforward and resembles the existing Quick Share feature, which facilitates file transfers between proximate devices. Within WhatsApp, this feature will leverage the geographical proximity of the two devices to effectuate file transfers.

According to the provided screenshot, users will encounter a dedicated screen showcasing all available nearby devices with which files, photos, etc., can be shared.

It’s important to note that this feature is presently in the testing phase and is visible solely to a restricted number of beta users. It’s anticipated that WhatsApp will gradually expand its availability to encompass more beta testers in the forthcoming weeks.

Written by Telha

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