Rihanna gets slammed on the net for posing as a nun

Rihanna’s Instagram post in a racy nun’s habit for Interview magazine drew criticism for its provocative twist, with some uncomfortable over perceived disrespect toward Christianity, while others defended it as artistic expression.

Rihanna sparked controversy with a racy photoshoot wearing a nun’s habit for Interview magazine, as she unveiled the image on Instagram.

It wasn’t the traditional attire that caused the stir, but the provocative twist Rihanna added, with her white shirt provocatively unbuttoned, revealing her figure, and draped off one shoulder, completed with bright blue eyeshadow and vivid red lipstick.



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Captured by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen, the image triggered an uproar among Rihanna’s followers, with some expressing discomfort over what they saw as disrespect toward Christianity.

“Christianity gets disrespected way too openly,” remarked one person, while another stated, “Ok I’m not Christian, but that is really disrespectful,” and a third commented, “I’m tired of Christianity being mocked and belittled.”


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Despite the backlash, some defended Rihanna’s artistic expression, with one supporter declaring, “I am going to hang this picture on my wall,” and another exclaiming, “I am crying, shaking. This is a masterpiece.”

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