Man goes solo on vacation because his girfriend can’t afford it

Money is said to be one of the biggest issues that couples fight about, and it’s easy to see why. In a 2022 study of 2,000 couples living in the UK, 62 percent admitted having arguments with their significant other about money.

This issue has also affected one guy on Reddit, who posed a question in the notorious ‘Am I The A**hole’ (AITA) thread.

In the thread, the anonymous poster, a 39-year-old man, explained his situation and how he wanted to go on vacation to celebrate his 40th birthday—something he’d never done before.


“I want to take a week and travel purely for recreational purposes,” he wrote. “My criteria is that the trip needs to be at least a week and be international.” The poster described his finances as “being in shape” as he’d been working on them since his 20s and had managed to set some money aside for the trip in question. The same can’t be said for his girlfriend, however.

He explained: “My girlfriend is great. She works hard and supports herself. But she doesn’t make as much money and, most importantly, is currently saddled with around $20k in credit card debt arising from a period of unexpected unemployment she had in the past that forced her to burn through savings and live on credit cards.”


With the pending trip and her financial situation in mind, the guy said he offered to pay for their lodging if she could foot the bill for her own airfare. He added that they’ve only been dating three months, so he was reluctant to pay for her whole vacation and felt that she should be able to “contribute financially to come along.” The Redditor continued: “She then told me she didn’t feel she could afford to cover meals + half airfare even if I went somewhere relatively cheap (I was thinking possibly Caribbean where trip flights are running typically under $500). So I said that I understood but I also have been wanting to do this milestone birthday thing for a while now and I still intend to go even if just by myself and would only be gone a week.”

The ordeal caused a fight between the couple, and the guy’s friends and family are “split” on if he’s in the wrong or not.

Written by Telha

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