This is world’s first 6G device, works 20x faster than 5G

This milestone achievement underscores Japan’s leadership in pushing the boundaries of telecommunications technology.

In a groundbreaking development, a consortium of Japanese technology pioneers has unveiled the world’s inaugural high-speed 6G prototype device, showcasing an astounding data transmission rate of 100 gigabits per second (Gbps), a remarkable advancement beyond the capabilities of the existing 5G network.


The collaborative efforts of telecom powerhouses, including DOCOMO and NTT Corporation, have yielded fruitful results, as evidenced by successful testing sessions.

These tests have not only demonstrated the exceptional speeds achievable with the 6G prototype but have also showcased its effectiveness both indoors and outdoors, boasting seamless connectivity over distances of up to 328 feet.


While the emergence of 6G holds immense promise for revolutionizing real-time communication and delivering unparalleled immersive experiences, it is not without its challenges.

Signal disruption and the necessity for extensive infrastructure upgrades loom as significant hurdles, underscoring the formidable journey ahead before 6G can attain commercial viability.


However, with relentless innovation and concerted efforts from industry leaders, the vision of a 6G-powered future may soon become a reality, ushering in a new era of connectivity and technological advancement.

Written by Telha

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