The true meaning of 5G will blow your mind

Interestingly, many of the acronyms we use today also live in the tech sphere—GIF is an acronym for “Graphic Interchange Format,” Wi-Fi means “wireless fidelity,” and AI is, of course, “artificial intelligence.”

But did you know the mobile network “G” family—5G, 4G, 3G, and the rest—are also initialisms? If you’re a loyal iPhone user, then this offering has been living in the top right-hand toolbar for years, but you may not know what it means.


A quick search across social media will show you that you’re not the only one unfamiliar with this acronym. However, in a nutshell, 5G stands for fifth-generation wireless, with the same principle being applied to 4G (fourth-generation) and 3G (third-generation).

Essentially, it indicates the generation of cellular connection you’re using; 5G being the latest. So while the “G” doesn’t exactly stand for a phrase or a complex word in this case, it is still classed as an acronym.


According to Ofcom, 5G is much faster and offers greater capacity than previous generations of wireless technology.

If you look at your smartphone and see a little “5G sign” in the corner, then you know you’re using the latest network with the highest potential speeds and capacities.

Written by Telha

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