“I Tripped Over My Cat. Weirdly Suffered Car Crash Injuries!”

A UK man miraculously survived severe injuries, including a broken neck, fractured spine, smashed ribs, and blood in his lungs, after tripping over his cat. The incident resulted in injuries reminiscent of a car crash.

Chris Rowley, a 59-year-old professional musician from the UK, miraculously survived a bizarre accident dubbed the “Apocalypse Meow.” While home alone on October 23, Rowley tripped over his hairless Egyptian sphinx kitten, Eric Morecambe, who playfully latched onto his leg while descending the stairs.

© Chris Rowley

Rowley tumbled down 14 steps, suffering catastrophic injuries, including a fractured skull, broken neck, spinal fractures, nine broken ribs, and blood in his lungs.

Despite being massively injured, Rowley remained unattended for 14 hours as his wife was working nights. Unable to move and with a dead phone, he described the sensation as claustrophobic.

© Chris Rowley

The next morning, his wife discovered him at the bottom of the stairs and called emergency services. Rowley spent two weeks in the trauma unit and faces a challenging recovery of six to 12 months, dealing with seizures and requiring oxygen.

© Chris Rowley

The physical toll also led to a significant loss of income, as Rowley can’t tour in his current condition. Despite the hardships, he harbors no ill feelings toward Eric Morecambe, stating the cat is adorable and it’s just one of those unpredictable things that could have happened anyway.

Written by Telha

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