Hannah, a Beauty Influencer Who Has a Rare Bone Condition

Blogger with a rare bone condition called Hannah is now a successful beauty influencer that inspires people with disabilities.

Hannah is not the typical beauty influencer you see all around the Internet. She was born with a rare bone condition. However, it did not stop her from pursuing her ambitions in the makeup world. This beauty influencer inspires millions and wants to motivate all people with disabilities.

Hannah was born with a rare bone condition.

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Hannah Tyre is 27 years old. Among her hobbies, makeup is her favorite. She has a rare genetic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta that affects her bones.

“I just say, like, I have brittle bones disease, meaning that my bones just break very easily,” Hannah says about her condition.

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Osteogenesis comes in many forms and challenges. However, the thing is that it still prevents the body from building strong bones.

Hannah accomplishes her daily things with the support of specific equipment for her condition. She says: “The biggest challenge in my disease is always trying to look for places that are handicapped accessible.”

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Her family has supported her since birth. “I need help to get dressed during the day, and to get in and out of my wheelchair or bathing. Sometimes it frustrates me that I can’t be more independent,” says Hannah.

Hannah’s mother, Cindy, is her biggest supporter since she learned about her condition. She was very young when she gave birth to her and was terrified when she learned that her child was born with fractured bones.

She is a beauty influencer loved by millions.

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Hannah was determined to pursue her dream and her passion for makeup. Despite her disabilities, she was able to touch millions of people’s hearts.

Other than doing makeup videos, she wants to inspire everyone to embrace their beauty. “Blogging has given me more confidence, making me realize I can do many more things, and it improved my self-esteem,” said Hannah.

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Hannah feels more confident when putting her makeup on in front of millions of people. Despite the challenges, she embraces her disabilities. She said: “I don’t think that I’m any different from anybody else, people with disabilities are not different.”

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“I wanted to show people with disabilities that you can do this too. “I think it’s awesome that the beauty industry is becoming more diverse and showcasing different beauty, and I’m proud to have a little part somewhat to do with it,” said Hannah.

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