Deputy Saves Wife, His Sacrifice Has a Twist

A deputy saves his wife, but his heroic sacrifice takes an unexpected turn in this astonishing tale. Learn more here.

A deputy, Anderson County’s Lucas Shoffner, and his wife Nicole were on the side of the road, working on a dirt bike at night. Tragically, off-duty Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Raymond Surber unintentionally collided with the couple in his 2017 Chevrolet Silverado. The accident was devastating, resulting in severe injuries for both husband and wife.


Nicole was taken to Fort Sanders due to a minor head injury. At the same time, Lucas was urgently admitted to the UT Medical Center Transplant ICU for severe head injuries, as per WBIR. His condition was highly critical, leading doctors to induce a coma in an attempt to stabilize him. During this time, officials disclosed the shocking events of that ill-fated evening.

Loudon County Deputy Matt Fagiana, a close friend of the couple, revealed that the guy selflessly pushed Nicole to safety moments before the crash, bearing the full force of the impact himself.


“Let’s start praying for our buddy. If anyone is deserving of a second chance at life, it’s this guy. He’s kind, he’s loyal, he’s funny and he’s as strong as a damn ox,” Fagiana said. “You got this Lucas and we are behind you and Nicole every step of the way.”

Lucas fought for his life in the ICU, battling a brain bleed and multiple fractures. His wife’s prayers were fervent as he underwent risky brain surgery to alleviate the swelling, leaving his recovery uncertain. Yet, three weeks later, a miraculous turn of events transformed their lives.

After an arduous 23-day coma, he emerged, showing remarkable progress, despite being sedated. Doctors expressed confidence in his recovery.


“They removed the right part of his skull. He’s been pretty stable ever since,” Nicole said in a video update. “It’s looking pretty positive if we can get through the next 48 hours.”

After spending 17 more days in the ICU, Lucas received the welcome news of his improvement and was moved to a rehabilitation center. Nicole joined him in Atlanta, where they faced the challenges of his recovery together, marveling at his incredible progress and staying faithfully by his side.

News of Lucas’ courageous deed quickly circulated, rallying the nation to support the couple.

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In a remarkable show of solidarity, a close friend initiated a GoFundMe campaign, amassing nearly $100,000 in just a few months.

Despite enduring excruciating pain, Nicole expressed gratitude for her survival months after the incident. She attributed her ability to live to her husband Lucas, who, though facing a lifelong struggle, was making gradual advancements.


The extent of Lucas’ injuries and the impact on his future remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Nicole remains steadfast, supporting their shared recovery journey with unwavering dedication, embracing each day.

Lucas epitomizes the profound love of sacrificing oneself for another. With years spent risking their lives for the community, both Lucas and his wife now receive heartfelt appreciation from the community they served.

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