Luna Fenner, the Inspiring Young Warrior

Discover the inspiring story of Luna Fenner, a courageous young warrior who continues to ignite hearts and minds. Learn more.

Luna Fenner, born in 2019, captivated hearts with her unique appearance and “Batman birthmark.” Now, after pioneering surgery, this 4-year-old girl shines even brighter, inspiring smiles everywhere.

Meet Luna Tavares-Fenne, a delightful 4-year-old from Florida who embodies the joys of childhood with her infectious laughter, love for food, and boundless energy.

Luna Fenner
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Regrettably, Luna’s life and her family have been profoundly impacted by her rare congenital melanocytic nevus skin condition. In 2019, Carol Fenner, Luna’s mother, was “shocked” by her daughter’s birth. Luna’s face bore a large, dark patch resembling a Batman mask, leaving Carol both stunned and fearful.

“I’m used to it now, but then I was just shocked,” Carol told WPLG.

Carol was left in disbelief as her joy over becoming a parent quickly transformed into deep worry. The unexpected revelation that her daughter was born differently came as a shock, as the last ultrasound had shown no signs of abnormalities.

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Doctors remained uncertain about the nature of the dark patch until four days after Luna’s birth. Consequently, Luna was hospitalized for six days as medical professionals conducted tests, according to Fenner.

Extensive research led Luna’s doctors to a crucial conclusion – her birthmark held potential future dangers. High risks of skin cancer prompted multiple recommended operations.

Carol was determined to remove her daughter’s “Batman mask,” but she faced the daunting reality of six surgeries and the staggering cost of $40,000 each.

Luna Fenner
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Amidst the family’s struggles, Luna’s determined mother tirelessly sought treatment options, facing numerous challenges along the way.

“We saw a lot of doctors. We went to Boston, Chicago and New York trying to find a better result,” Carol said.

Luna Fenner
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To spare Luna from potential teasing, Carol sought to have the surgery before her daughter began school. Despite their young age, Luna and her family endured hurtful comments from individuals who struggled to accept her appearance.

Despite the challenges, Carol, a courageous mother, chose to shine a light on Luna’s journey, raising awareness about her daughter’s disease. Through an Instagram page, she invites people to glimpse into their daily lives.

Luna Fenner’s story garnered global recognition, reaching doctors around the world, including a renowned physician in Russia.

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Upon learning about Luna’s unique circumstances, Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov, a surgeon-oncologist, reached out to Carol and extended an offer to provide a specialized treatment unavailable in the US.

In need of expensive photodynamic therapy, Luna’s family turned to the public for support. Their fundraiser raised $70,000, uniting compassionate individuals determined to aid the young girl.

“Everybody thinks I’m crazy to go to Russia, but I have done a lot of research and gained advice from several doctors and I really think that this is the best option for Luna right now,” Carol told SWNS.

Over the past years, Carol and Luna Fenner ventured to Russia for tests and treatment, undeterred by the pandemic.

Luna Fenner
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Their trips to the Krasnodar clinic proved fruitful, with all operations yielding success. Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov is delighted with the outcome, as he strongly believes that Luna’s cancer risk has significantly reduced.

”We only had six operations to remove the nevus and have succeeded in making it disappear. Luna has already started speaking and she says herself: ‘My black spot has gone. I am a princess’.” Dr. Popov told East2West News.

Dr. Popov confirms significant progress in her medical treatment but emphasizes the need to continue her ongoing care.

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“We are letting Luna rest from the treatment she has undergone and then we will undertake the aesthetic surgeries. Later we aim to make sure Luna will not have any complexes when she comes to the age where she is concerned about her appearance,” explained Dr. Popov.

The family finds solace in the positive progress. Luna, a brave girl, embraces treatments with a smile, radiating inspiring courage throughout her two-year journey.

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“I don’t regret at all having the treatment here. Luna doesn’t feel the pain. She dances a few hours after the surgery,” Carol said.

Witness the incredible transformation of Luna as her family proudly unveils her new appearance. Her radiant happiness speaks volumes, showcasing the remarkable efforts of her determined mother and the skilled surgeons. Bravo to their unwavering dedication!

Her recent pictures reveal amazing results, bringing immense joy.

It’s wonderful she underwent the procedure, considering how cruel people can be. Last year, the family traveled to Brazil to celebrate Christmas, where Carol, an American citizen, hails from.

Luna Fenner
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After arriving in Brazil, she reunited with her family and began her journey towards recovery. Remarkably, 2022 marked the first year without any treatment, as revealed by her mother: “The year is flying by and we still haven’t decided anything about the next surgeries (location, date, price…). Let’s keep making the most of 2022, which was the only year of Our princess’s life without procedures ♥️♥️♥️”

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