Genes Surprising With Unique Appearances

Genes are funny! They do wonders toward unique appearances. These people look like extraterrestrials with their gifts!

Genes are funny, indeed. Genetics is hard to predict and brings surprises toward unique appearances.

We are used to seeing the normal as commonly predicted. In my opinion, being normal is not normal. I mean… Who are we to decline what genes gift to people?

Viral Strange has collected 21 pictures showing genes surprising with unique appearances.

1. My Vitiligo

© harrisonlereed / Imgur

2. 4 toes

© Mgnbtlr / Imgur

3. I was born with 6 toes on my left foot and my Co-worker was born with 4 toes on her right foot

© DomnLee / Reddit

4. Genes…

© Paperhank / Reddit

5. Heterochromia and mirrored makeup.

© ImightBeAnnoying / Reddit

6. My son was born with a black spot of hair in his blonde hair. It grows in black, and there is no birthmark or discoloration under it.

© maceparks / Reddit

7. Everyone is showing their heterochromia, I have a different kind of birthmark.

© uachiu / Imgur

8. Eyelashes!

© ThiccNibba4000 / Reddit

9. Embrace what you got. At forty years of age, I was diagnosed with vitiligo. Never be ashamed or embarrassed (I know easier said than done.) I believe I got it because I can handle the stares and questions. Just remember if you’re having trouble dealing with it you’re not alone.

© ludwig_agina / Reddit

10. Elf ears and don’t know where to go? I love piercings but have no idea what to get done, would love recommendations! I’ve got a nose piercing and just my first lobes did so far! 🙂

© ***pears / Reddit

11. This is my sister’s eye. She has a condition called “Coloboma”

© katiebug0313 / Imgur

12. My GF and my nephew have a very similar birthmark despite they aren’t related at all

© blaise-johnson / Reddit

13. Help! My hair is boring, grown out, and dull, and I want a change. What should I do? Bonus points if it gels with my vitiligo.

© loquaciouslucie / Reddit

14. Sectoral heterochromia! My left eye is my favorite eye

© thiscantbesoy / Reddit

15. I too was born with Poliosis and have never dyed my hair. I got a lot of comments when I was little but now that I’m older people just assume I dye it.

© Izzy_Kellar / Reddit

16. The bottom joint is higher in both of my thumbs

© Lapisasaurus / Reddit

17. I have a teardrop-shaped birthmark perfectly placed under my right eye.

© KindObject3 / Reddit

18. Multiple rows of lashes

© lipstickplant / Reddit

19. Genes doing wonders!

© kickkk***/ Reddit

20. A little bit double jointed

© Rainydayroobear / Imgur

21. Anisocoria (unequal pupil sizes)

© c**tradamus / Imgur

Which one is the most surprising feature? What do you think about these cases? Should everyone embrace their given gifts? Tell us in the comments below!


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