New Yorker Mom Struggles in Crazy Housing Market

A New Yorker mom navigates the insane housing market despite dual incomes & degrees. Read more about her story.

A New Yorker mom, Sarah, from Long Island, NY, voiced her housing frustrations on TikTok. Despite both she and her husband working full-time as a nurse and occupational therapist, earning around $110k-$150k and $100k-$140k, respectively, they struggle to afford a one-bedroom apartment in their area.

In her video, the New Yorker mom discusses the exorbitant costs of the housing market in their area.

New Yorker Mom
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Despite their solid incomes, they struggle to accumulate savings for a home. Sarah notes homes selling well above the asking price, with some buyers bypassing inspections—a risk she’s uneasy with, fearing a money-draining fixer-upper.

Sarah’s concerns about affordable housing resonate widely, especially amid reports of financial institutions purchasing residential properties for rental conversions. This trend artificially inflates home values, exacerbating the challenge for families to afford homes and build lasting communities.

In her video, the New Yorker mom begins her narrative cradling her baby, shedding light on the difficulties of raising a family in a one-bedroom Long Island apartment, where they shell out a hefty $3,850 monthly rent.

Sarah is dismayed by Long Island’s steep living expenses; her rent excludes utilities.

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Sarah laments Long Island’s pricey lifestyle, noting rent covers only basics. She yearns for more space, envisioning a nursery and storage for her baby’s belongings, currently crammed into bins.

Despite their employment and degrees, Sarah and her husband find staying near family financially untenable. New York’s exorbitant housing market renders homeownership unattainable despite their combined income.

Sarah highlights the disparity between home purchasing in the Great Depression era and today’s hurdles.

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She seeks a life beyond endless mortgage payments.

Considering relocating to states like Connecticut or Pennsylvania, they confront the prospect of leaving family behind. This dilemma echoes the challenges numerous families endure in high-cost housing areas nationwide.

The New Yorker mom contemplates the growing challenges of sustaining life in the US amid financial strains.

@sarahjilllutz Im grateful to be able to afford this rent for the time being but this cannot last forever and I shouldnt be depleting my savings 🥲 dont even get me started on the interest rates…#housingmarket #housingcrisis #firsttimemom ♬ original sound – Sarah | A Relatable Mom💕

Amid the home-buying process, Sarah refuses to forgo a home inspection despite market pressures. She grapples with the desire for a better home for her family against the risks of an unchecked purchase.

Sarah vents frustration over the exorbitant housing market, where prices outstrip affordability. She empathizes with others facing similar struggles.

Undeterred, Sarah is persistent in seeking a solution for a better living space, even if it means relocating away from family.

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