US no longer ranked in the world’s top 20 happiest countries

The World Happiness Report indicates declining well-being in the US and Western Europe, especially among the youth, while central and Eastern European countries see notable increases in happiness across age groups.

The latest World Happiness Report highlights a concerning trend of diminishing well-being in the United States and several Western European nations, particularly among younger demographics.


The U.S. has fallen out of the top 20 rankings, primarily due to a notable decline in the happiness levels of individuals under 30. Despite maintaining high rankings for citizens over 60, the country’s overall score is adversely impacted by the lower satisfaction reported among its younger population.


Several factors contribute to the waning happiness among American youth, including economic disparities between generations, heightened political polarization, excessive engagement with social media platforms, and a pervasive sense of uncertainty regarding the future.


In stark contrast, countries in central and Eastern Europe have experienced remarkable increases in happiness levels across all age brackets, signaling a noteworthy shift in well-being dynamics within these regions.

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