Divorce Lawyer: 5 Professions You Should Avoid in a Husband

Discover the 5 professions to steer clear of in a spouse, as advised by a divorce lawyer. Make informed choices for a happier marriage.

Divorce lawyer KK, renowned on TikTok as user @jettiegirl28, draws from over 13 years of experience in family law to identify trends among separating couplesDealing with numerous cases annually, she observes patterns in the types of individuals parting ways most frequently.

KK posted a video toward the end of last year, focusing on professions that women should avoid to increase the likelihood of a lasting and healthy marriage.

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Though not legal counsel, she once shared insights on five questionable male professions, later validated by her extensive career observations.

The divorce lawyer said: What I noticed among these five professions is that they tend to be more narcissistic, they tend to be more controlling. They tend to be far more difficult in dealing with a divorce. They have kind of a ‘nuke the earth, you know, scorch the earth, how dare you challenge me’ kind of approach to litigation.”

KK proceeds to unveil the five professions to steer clear of. They are fireman, police officers, military personnel, surgeons, and pilots. Despite their seemingly disparate nature, the divorce lawyer highlights their common thread: placing men in positions of authority over others.

Divorce Lawyer
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She added: They all have in common that the men in these professions, they’re gods in their profession, right? You’re a policeman, you’re walking around with a gun, you’re walking around with authority. If you’re a surgeon, you’re walking around the hospital… you’re in charge.”

The divorce lawyer suggests that much of this might stem from the contrast between the lavish treatment received at work and the traditional roles and responsibilities expected of a husband within the household.

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“Everybody treats you with respect. Then you come home and all of a sudden somebody’s asking you to take out the trash. I think that that’s a difficult kind of transition to make, said KK.

The divorce lawyer points out that pilots often exhibit a notable power dynamic, attributed to the significant number of people depending on them simultaneously.

KK said: They’re in control of like 150-200 people’s lives at a time. They are treated with a tremendous amount of respect and they have a lot of responsibility. And they tend to be very narcissistic and very controlling.”

Divorce Lawyer

While this divorce lawyer expresses confidence in these observations, they also advise women to approach them with caution. She emphasizes the need for women to maintain a balanced perspective on these findings.

“Iyou’re married to somebody in any one of these professions, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to fail, she reminded. I’m sure there’s outliers and any kind of statistic.”

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