Why Divorce Is Better Than Being In a Bad Marriage

A List Of Reasons Why You Should Get a Divorce Instead Of Staying In An Bad Marriage

As we come to life one of the most important things to do is to find a suitable partner that you love to create a family. But sometimes this big step of our life doesn’t go as we planed or imagined to be. In every four marriages one intend to fail and this is a fact that not everybody is able to find the right partner or the ”love of life”. But even after dark comes light and you don’t need to get upset to much or to put all the blame on you. Sometimes bad things happen or are supposed to happen and you cant do nothing about it. The only thing you can do is push forward for a better life and a more healthier mind and body.

We at Viral Strange Are going to list some reasons that why divorce is better than an unhealthy relationship and marriage.

Treat And Save Energy For Yourself

Sometimes your partner can be oppressive and this takes a great toll in your mental health. You start to forget what you are or what you deserve, You forget about the things that made you happy and the things you loved to do before. Stop this immediately. How much do you think you can go without breaking yourself.

Your partner is meant to be your greatest supporter not your dictator. That’s why a divorce is better than living in this kind of marriage.

After All You Will Start Looking For ”The Right One ”

After divorce nothing is finished life continues and many great things are awaiting for you out there. After all this means you may encounter the right one partner. The one that will make you happy and to make you really start living again.

This new partner can save you from dark times and suffocating marriage you have been. So start going out there and interact with other peoples create new relations and prosper.

Save Your Children’s From a Bad Experience And Environment

A bad and not healthy relationship is also an not so great environment for your children’s to be raised as they should. Because constantly they are going to be exposed around debates, arguments and maybe not so pleasant other things. They are going to see things that are not good to be seen by them. And causing psychological trauma for the kids may not be overcome later in life. So try to keep your kids out of this.

You Will Start To Feel Happier

Imagine living in a constant pain and psychological pressure what damage can do it to you and you happiness. Most of the marriages that are toxic after divorce is observed that the happiness index is rising because after ending a bad relationship you have more free time do do things that you couldn’t do before, You can start following you dreams, your hobbies and pursuing happiness

You Will Start To Care About You Looking

A new thing to explore would be relieved to you after bad divorce because you have more time to take care of yourself. Stating a diet maybe or starting workout is great for your look. Some even start do expense more in stylish clothing, body and skin care and everything you like or love to do because you have more time and energy to take care more about yourself.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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    • Any relationship that makes the people in it unhappy is one that should end, and screw G-d if she has a problem with that (not that I think for a second she does). Sorry not sorry.

    • After 18 years my husband left me for another woman. It had nothing to do with a lack of trying or keeping my vows. It had nothing to do with my relationship with God. Sometimes a person can do everything right and still end up divorced.

      • Yes. You are 110% correct and people just have to move on with 0 regret especially when you did nothing wrong, just married a total jerk!! Good luck to you and hope Mr. Right sweeps you off your feet. This to me is just like the people talking about the active drug addict and saying but he/she was raised by wonderful drug free parents. Well it happens, we all have our own way of thinking & no one can change that. Cool read!! Thank you ♧ tss

    • Love this! Me and my husband have been married for 12 yrs and together for 14! Its been a broken but beautiful gone mad and magical awfully wonderful life!

    • Yes amen Same with me My husband and I have been married for 23 years and have three young adult children And the same as you said We have had ups and downs and not easy at times but prayer IS the key Trusting God Confessing and believing His word God will bring you through Its about Him Not ourselves anyway He gives you the peace and joy Not outward circumstance. Inner peace in Knowing God will make you feel and look at things different You will be a blessing and affect your family for good It changes your perspective when your focus is right. As a man thinks That he is. Amen

    • I gave my husband 27years to stop cheating, stop drinking( I couldn’t give the stuff away fast enough) and stop lying to me and my children. He makes over 120k a year but always told us he was broke when or entire monthly house bills are covered in one of 4 weekly checks. For 19 years he’s been telling my children and I he’s broke. I got occasional flowers and whatever he wanted from the adult store. I never watched porn or allowed this stuff but it was the only thing that he grew money in his wallet for. I was raised a Christian as well and I’m against all that is evil. But God uses evil( the least of these) to bring us too him, either by submission,rock bottom, or we sprout wings. But it’s so important to be doing the only job God gave us, which is to brag about HIM and him ONLY! I get pleasure ❤️in letting others know about Jesus( God in flesh) and he did Absolutely everything for us. Honestly, evil makes me cringe, if evil comes around me my skin crawls I get the notion to wanna run and never go back. So this democrat raised guy met me in church and being in church I assume they are republican, so not turning to the left or right I became infatuated with the man (not knowing of the DemoNcrat parents as of yet. Well God had us married and we had 6 children together, 2 each of previous marriages, and 2 together. I thought he was going to get better with time. Long story short he had a feild day disrespecting me. Now he’s doing it to me but I can’t hear it and he’s still doing it to my children. Not around often but when he does come it’s all abusive speech to try and get what he wants. He’s a sex addict, an alcoholic and he lies alot! No one can believe what he says. So my heart hurt in burning nature 247 and the day I yelled NO MORE AND LEFT HIM, MY HEARTACHE DISAPPEARED. VANISHED AND JESUS TOOK IT AND ASKED ME TO WALK WITH HIM AND ITS BEEN BLISS EVER SINCE. SO, WHEN GOD GETS RID OF DIVORCE, AS IT SHOULD BE. THEN DIVORCE WILL DIE, BUT TILL SONS ARE ALL TAUGHT NOT TO DISRESPECT WOMAN, AS GOD TELLS THE MAN, IF YOU MISTREAT HER, HE WONT EVEN LISTEN TO THE MANS PRAYERS, IF HE TREATS HE BADLY. THE WIFE DOES SAVE THE HUSBAND. BUT LETS NOT MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR HER AS LIFE IS PAINFUL ENOUGH AS IT IS. WE ALL GO THROUGH THE SUFFERINGS OF CHRIST. BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      • Your story is like mine. But I’m very ill. My husband is Narcissistic. Addicted to porn. Could careless about me. I believe the point is like having an affair. We haven’t had sex in over 15 years. And He keeps everything of his private. Especially money. I am a Christian, he told me he was to. Then one day told me it just doesn’t stick? I’m miserable in so many ways. Plus, I’m not getting any younger. He stole all my days. Marries 25 years. He won’t leave. So, I’m going to have to start divorce proceedings. I’m also on disability. He pays for everything.

    • i completely agree with you on working out your problems and not just walking away or waiting to marry to make sure it is the right move to make.. but there are cases where you marry someone then you see their true selves after because they assume you’re stuck with them since you married and it takes TWO people to make it work… it really sucks, but sometimes one of them don’t want to “work on it” and would rather continue controlling the other and dictating their every move. i am also Christian and i fully believe that God would never want one of his children to suffer their whole life with someone that will not change for the better. i do not believe God would condemn someone for leaving their spouse for a very real and logical reason. the bible was wrote in a time that most men and women cherished their partners.. today.. there are so many people that refuse to grow up and be adults and torment those who try to love them. sometimes you have to leave. but i fully agree that you should exhausted every solution to work it out before jumping to divorce.

      • It is ideal to stay in marriage but when it is already destroying you and your children, it is really better to live separately. Marriage should be worked out by two people but when only one is cooperating, eventually it will crumble. Living in a stressful environment is more detrimental to the growth of children. Besides, if the spiritually guided spouse is seriously living according to the faith, he/she will preserve his purity.

  1. What is the definition of a bad marriage? Is it when one is passing through some challenging situations in marriage? Life will always throw some surprises at us but that does not mean that the marriage is bad. Will you resign from your place of work because you are passing through some challenging times. If no , then I will say that marriage is a work, you have to work at it to make it work. There is no bad Marriage but bad people. If the husband and the wife can pray together, talk together and play together then I believe bad marriage will be turned to a good one. Divorce is not good!

    • So if the other person beats me up is that not defined as a bad marriage? Belittles me and is so mentally abusive and manipulate that they try and control everything in my life? Sometimes divorce is the only option.

  2. I am 21 i married who i thought was gonna spend the rest of my life with at 19.
    Day in and day out i loved my husband with everything i had gave everything for him and me being so in love with him i didn’t see the lies the cheating or the mental abuse… We’ve been separated sense July now and i was the best decision that I could have made for myself it hurt and it still does but it does get easier and I have taken the steps to start finding myself again I’m finding out what I like because I lost all of those things and that relationship I came out of it with I don’t know what I’m going to do aspect. I will never let myself go through those things ever again and I know exactly what to look for now it’s part of growing

  3. This article is a bunch of crap. There are very few “good divorces”, and those who take the easy way out to find a good marriage will never be in one. Marriage takes work and commitment. If one cannot commit to that in the current marriage, they never will in another.

    In any case, we are creatures of habit and character. The person that we fell in love with, married, and divorced, will have the same traits as the one we marry next!

    I came from a family of multiple divorces and marriages and know all too well – much more than the twenty something writer of this article does who probably still lives with his parents!