David Kosir Reveals His DRAMATIC Plastic Surgery Results

Discover David Kosir before and after his dramatic transformation after plastic surgery. See the results now!

David Kosir has challenged societal beauty standards with a bold move, revealing the striking outcomes of his decision to undergo eye plastic surgery and remove facial fillers. His transformative journey captivates his social media audience, leaving them in awe of the dramatic changes.

David Kosir wanted to achieve a ‘plastic’ appearance.

David Kosir
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David Kosir began an unyielding quest for his desired aesthetic through cosmetic surgery, gaining attention for his extravagant transformation journey. Beginning innocuously with fillers in 2019, Kosir’s fixation with plastic enhancement gradually intensified into an obsession. His global journey in pursuit of his ideal appearance saw each procedure contributing to his evolving look.

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In May 2021, David Kosir reached a significant milestone with his first permanent procedure. His aspiration for a “human, male Barbie doll look like Ken” highlighted his admiration for the “plastic, fake” aesthetic, which he deemed the epitome of beauty. His narrative stands as a poignant illustration of the lengths individuals will traverse to attain their desired image.

He didn’t hold back on beauty treatments.

David Kosir
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David Kosir poured a significant amount of money into his pursuit of aesthetic enhancements. Kosir’s expenditure reached $100,000 for various procedures, including $7,500 for 14 milliliters of lip filler$1,200 monthly for freckle laser removal sessions, and $7,000 for 10 milliliters of cheek filler.

Moreover, Kosir underwent a $13,000 nose job and invested $33,000 in teeth veneers and crowns. He attributed his motivation to the constant stream of images showcasing beautifully enhanced individuals on his social media feeds.

David Kosir dissolved all facial filler from his appearance.

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David Kosir, known as @plasticbotchedboy online, caused a stir last year when he shared a video captioned “removed all my facial filler.” This video, featuring a striking before-and-after transformation, quickly gained traction, garnering an impressive 22 million views.

David Kosir
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The audience was left in awe of the noticeable change, with comments pouring in to express admiration. Responses like “The best thing he could have done,” “Looks so much better without, looked funky before,” and “You instantly look younger, so much more youthful!” flooded the comment section, underscoring the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Kosir’s decision to reverse his cosmetic alterations.

He additionally underwent further procedures.

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David Kosir embarked on a comprehensive series of cosmetic procedures after removing his fillers. This included cat eyes, cheek lift, lip lift, and facial fat transfer. Initially, his altered appearance sparked speculation and concern.

viral video of his swollen post-operative face fueled skepticism. Yet, as time passed, David Kosir revealed stunning transformation results. Admirers flooded in with praise, expressing initial doubts but now acknowledging his gorgeous appearance.

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