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12 Times Genes Have Made Fun Of Us

A collection of pictures that show unpredictable genetic results

Genetics is a great science, as much as unpredictable. Viral Strange collected 12 photos showing that genetics sometimes don’t bring predictable results.

“My dad and I are a great reminder that genetics isn’t an exact science.”

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When twins marry twins and have twins too.

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The redhead gene is strong

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These girls are twins!

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“Twins holding twins in 1987. The same twins holding the same twins in 2017.”

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Albino family


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A grandpa and his granddaughter both have a rare skin disease called vitiligo.


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“My dad and I in 1991, and my cat and I in 2013. Find 10 differences!”


“Me at the age of 17 and my daughter at the age of 14.”


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A German no-rule fights champion and his dad

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41-year-old blogger Lure Hsu (left) with her sisters: 40-year-old Fayfay (middle) and 36-year-old Sharon (right).

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Swedish fitness model Anna Nystrom and her mother

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What do you think about these pictures? Do you have any unpredictable genetic cases in your family? Let us know.

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