Homeless Man Wed the Woman He Helped

Discover the heartwarming story of a homeless man who won the love of a woman in this touching tale of human connection and resilience.

The homeless man, Macaulay Murchie, who Jasmine Grogan would later marry, was sitting outside a supermarket years ago when she first saw him. Today, Jasmine is a happily married wife and mother of two.

Jasmine Grogan’s TikTok post about how she met her husband garners more than 711k likes.

homeless man
Jasmine Grogan

Years ago, Macauley Murchie found himself homeless and sitting outside a supermarket that Jasmine frequented. Despite her offer of a donation, Murchie instead assisted Jasmine with her grocery bags, which became the start of their relationship.

“Met a homeless man one day doing my food shopping. Offered him money but he wouldn’t accept it. I went inside and continued to do my shop and couldn’t stop thinking about him,” said Jasmine.

Jasmine Grogan

“I went outside and asked if I could help him anyway, he said no. He asked if I wanted help putting my shopping into a taxi, I said yes,” she continued.

homeless man
Jasmine Grogan

After finishing her shopping, Jasmine conversed with the man and treated him to dinner. She sensed something special about him and even gifted him a small phone.

After exchanging contact information, Jasmine and the man started texting. The first message that her husband sent her is still etched in her memory: “You’ve made my day, thank you so much for everything, you are amazing. Can’t stop thinking about you xx.”

Jasmine replied to him: “You don’t have to thank me, I can’t get you out of my mind either.”

Jasmine Grogan

As their bond deepened, they eventually tied the knot, thanks to the woman’s decision to give him a chance. With a clean-shaven face, a fresh haircut, and a newfound job, the man successfully got back on his feet.

She praised the man who was always kind to her and expressed her inability to imagine living without his presence now.

homeless man
Jasmine Grogan

Jasmine said: “Was the best decision I ever made.”

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  1. She is one of the best Ladies Around, because there are so many that wouldn’t have givin him the time of day, God Bless Her & I Love this story, it shows that there are people out there that have a Big Heart…