KFC launches a BBQ flavored perfume

Move over Dior Sauvage; there’s a new scent in town!

KFC has ventured into the fragrance world with its latest creation: the ‘No. 11 Eau de BBQ’. This aromatic delight promises to encapsulate the essence of a classic BBQ experience within each 100ml bottle.



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As enthusiasts have sampled this novel fragrance, they’ve reported detecting subtle notes of smoky wood and a touch of charcoal, reminiscent of the distinguished fragrances found in the likes of Tom Ford’s ‘Oud Wood’. However, with a delectably meaty twist, KFC’s creation adds a unique flair to the olfactory experience.⁠

What’s even more appealing is the accessible price tag of £11, making this intriguing scent not only tantalizing to the senses but also affordable for all fragrance enthusiasts.


Furthermore, all proceeds from the sale of this aromatic masterpiece go to the KFC Foundation, adding a charitable dimension to the indulgence.

So, would you be willing to embark on this olfactory adventure and experience the savory allure of KFC’s ‘No. 11 Eau de BBQ’?

Written by Telha

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