A Mom Refused to Hide While Breastfeeding Her Baby in Public! Gave Perfect Response to Haters

Breastfeeding, a natural practice, faces societal discomfort and judgment in public. Ashley Kaidel, a mothers’ rights advocate, confronted this stigma after experiencing disapproval while breastfeeding. Her message, shared eight years ago, continues to resonate, sparking discussions about supporting and empowering breastfeeding mothers in public spaces.

Ashley Kaidel, a mother from Florida, USA, confronted breastfeeding challenges with both her children, especially her first, who struggled due to a lip tie affecting her latch. This condition, characterized by tissue connecting the lip to the gums, posed difficulties in proper latching. Undeterred, Kaidel persevered with her second child, also dealing with a lip tie. After correcting the issue at 10 weeks, an additional three weeks of dedicated effort were needed to establish successful breastfeeding, despite facing severe nipple trauma and mastitis.

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Reflecting on the considerable effort to facilitate breastfeeding and strengthen the bond with her son, Kaidel now feels grateful to deliver an optimal dose of love, security, comfort, and nutrition directly from a mother.

Kaidel’s decision to share a photo of herself breastfeeding in a restaurant wasn’t about promoting uncovered breastfeeding but aimed at challenging associated stigmas. In her Facebook post, she addressed judgmental looks, nasty comments, and discriminatory actions faced by breastfeeding mothers, emphasizing the legal protection of breastfeeding rights. Kaidel asserted mothers’ rights to breastfeed anywhere, in any manner, and under any circumstances, emphasizing that no mother should feel shamed for feeding her baby.

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Crucially, Kaidel clarified her advocacy was not about dictating how mothers should breastfeed but supporting their choices, whether covered or not. The core message was to foster an inclusive environment where every mother feels accepted and supported in their breastfeeding choices.

Kaidel highlighted the unfairness of isolating breastfeeding mothers and stressed the equality between feeding a baby with a breast or a bottle. By normalizing breastfeeding, she aimed to eliminate the discomfort surrounding the act, encouraging people to look away if they found it unpleasant, rather than isolating and shaming mothers.

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A powerful element of Kaidel’s message is her emphasis on educating children about breastfeeding. She argued that children need to witness breastfeeding to understand and appreciate the natural process. By teaching the next generation about the importance of breast milk and breastfeeding, Kaidel hoped to create an environment where mothers feel supported rather than judged.

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In conclusion, Kaidel reiterated her intention was not to seek attention but to encourage mothers and foster an inclusive environment. With over 118,000 shares of her post, her message resonated widely, making her a voice for countless mothers facing judgment while breastfeeding in public.

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The movement she initiated extends beyond breastfeeding, aiming to create a community that accepts, supports, and empowers mothers in their journey of nurturing their children.

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