Extended Breastfeeding: 8 Celeb Moms Who Embraced It

Discover real stories of 8 celebrity moms embracing extended breastfeeding. Learn about their experiences and insights.

Extended breastfeeding, as highlighted in a recent study, may correlate with higher IQ and income in adulthood. For many mothers, nursing establishes a strong early bond, prompting them to continue beyond the initial years post-birth. The ongoing skin-to-skin contact reassures toddlers, serving as a tangible reminder of nurturing love.

1. Mayim Bialik

Extended Breastfeeding

Actress and author, with two boys, shared nursing experiences. She breastfed younger son Fred for an impressive 4 years and 3 months, emphasizing the strong bond and nutritional benefits. Despite the joys, Bialik acknowledged the persistent challenges, revealing that the experience was consistently painful and involved multiple battles with thrush.

2. Thandiwe Newton


The actress, a mother of three, still breastfeeds her 2-year-old. She finds it to be a source of “perfect happiness,” stating, “This is what my body was made for.”

3. Nelly Furtado

Extended Breastfeeding

In 2003, the singer welcomed her first daughter and shared that she breastfed for two years. She expressed, “As soon as I stopped, I had more energy. You can do more things.”

4. Nikki Reed


In 2017, the actress and her husband, Ian Somerhalder, welcomed their daughter. Reflecting on breastfeeding, she posted when her baby was 20 months old, acknowledging uncertainty about the duration of their journey. She emphasized following her daughter’s lead, stating, “I follow her lead, and she tells me exactly what she needs.”

5. Selma Blair

Extended Breastfeeding

At the age of 40, the actress welcomed her son into the world and captured a moment of breastfeeding when he turned two. Blair passionately supports breastfeeding in public, asserting, “I don’t care who I offend — my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.”

6. Danica McKellar


At the age of 35, the actress and education advocate welcomed her only child into the world. She dedicatedly breastfed him until the age of 2 1/2. Her decision to stop was rooted in a belief that it was crucial for his growing independence.

McKellar emphasized that the duration of breastfeeding is a personal choice for every mother and child. She shared, “For me, it was 2 1/2 and for you, it might be 3 1/2 or 3 months or whatever it is that works.”

7. Bekah Martinez

Extended Breastfeeding

The Bachelor contestant, who had two babies within two years, enthusiastically supports tandem nursing. She breastfed her daughter for 26 months and expressed that she would have continued twice as long if both were still content. Additionally, she emphasized that nursing a 4-year-old is neither weird nor gross, asserting that it has been a normal practice worldwide since the beginning of time.

8. Coco Austin


At 43, the TV personality continues to breastfeed her 5 1/2-year-old daughter, Chanel. She shared, “Chanel still likes my b**bs,” emphasizing its significance as a bonding moment between mother and child.

Highlighting the emotional aspect, Austin expressed how this bond makes her feel deeply wanted. Despite Chanel enjoying regular food, her attachment to breastfeeding remains evident as she continues to seek comfort from her mother’s embrace.

Do you think mothers should embrace extended breastfeeding for the sake of their children, or stop it “in time”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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