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15 Celebrities That Normalize Breastfeeding In Public

15 times celebrity moms have normalized breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding is hard. However, a mom is always and forever ready to give her child to eat. Often, the challenge mothers face is breastfeeding in public. Many people support them. On the other hand, some people call this process “shameful” if made in public eyes.

Viral Strange has collected 15 pictures of celebrity moms that normalize breastfeeding in public. If you’re feeling doubtful about whether to breastfeed in public or not, grab the courage and do what is best for your baby!

1. Milla Jovovich

2. Tess Holliday


3. Liv Tyler

4. Iskra Lawrence


5. Candice Swanepoel


6. Troian Bellisario


7. Eva Longoria

8. Jenna Dewan


9. Gisele Bündchen

10. Tia Mowry


11. Olivia Wilde

12. Kate Upton

13. Karolina Kurkova


14. Ashley Graham

15. Emily Ratajkowski

What is the most unpleasant experience you have ever encountered while breastfeeding? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. When is a good time to quit breastfeeding? I remember When I was 15 years old the neighbor lady I’m still breastfeeding her 5 year old son…. Talk about awkward

  2. She asked “Do you mind if I breastfeed in public?”
    My reply … “Do you mind if I stare awkwardly while smiling ?”
    Yes I’m a perv but it seems like a fair trade to me.

  3. We don’t shame people for eating in public. Breastfeeding is a source of food for infants so why shame the child for eating or the mother for providing the food? On top of that there’s so many healthy biological benefits to breastfeeding and psychological benefits such as healthy attachment to the mother.

  4. Vor Jahren lebte eine Heidelberger Ärztin über mir. Eines Tages saß sie auf der Treppe vor meiner Wohnungstür und säugte ihr Baby. Sie hätte auch die Mutter meiner Kinder sein können. Insofern war das erstmal ein emotionaler Schock für mich. Ihrem Mann sagte ich nie, dass ich ihm zu seiner Frau, seinem Kind nur gratulieren kann. Am selben Tag säugte eine schwarze Frau in der Straßenbahn ihr Baby. Für mich, der in der Pubertät in Cuba war und mich dort mit einem schwarzen Mädchen namens Yanelda angefreundet hatte, war es dann ganz aus. Für den Rest der Woche blieb ich daheim. Dennoch bin ich ein Befürworter des Babysäugens im öffentlichen Raum. Mat Roeder, Mannheim, Germany

  5. There is simply nothing wrong with breastfeeding it is a natural thing. The people who think this is shameful they need to clean their mind. There are so many shameful things that is happening now!! Shameful is letting a dragqueens dance at schools for our children to watch. Drag queens are adult entertainment not children. All this filters on our phones but nothing filters our children from all this crap. I’m just sad that everything natural and real are somehow being questioned! I breastfeed all my three kids and the benefits are… They all healthy and I never have problems when their small mentally and physically they all grew up healthy. I thank God for it.

  6. In this new wave of things about feeding in public these most don’t have respect for themselves n just flash it out in public, Look I’m all for it breastfeeding in public, I did it with my 4 children, BUT while I was feeding I had a cloth nappy over my shoulder so I’m not flashing everyone my boob, but these days most of them just flash it all out That’s what people get upset about not the feeding out in public but showing everyone your breast, now only some do it for attention n arguments when people say something about it, But if you cover up Just a Bit it would be OK, it’s not hard to throw something over your it you just have to have some respect to yourself that’s all and others, Now this is just my view about it don’t come back at me going bla bla bla, I loved breastfeeding I really did with my 4

  7. It is wonderful, that is what God put those on our chest, to feed our babies, my daughter is breastfeeding now, she has no issue at all, feeding the baby as long as she is covered! People have become very ignorant about this, it’s better for the baby, it’s free, and it is always available!! Embrace what God gave us!

  8. I am 60 years old I nursed 4 babies and when they were born I was mostly in bathroom’s ! By the second one I was a little braver and so on but, if not for LaLache’ League I don’t know if I would have made it though as long as I did ! Never feel bad when babies need to eat ! Lots of love from a Greatgrandma in Iowa USA!

  9. I have no issue with it but there will be boys and some men that will stare trying to get a glimpse of a boobie(like they have never seen one before) almost all I have seen have used a blanket or towel to cover up which in my opinion makes sense to be a little more discreet if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

    • I nursed all 4 of my children until they were 2 because I had them 2 years apart, with a 6 year gap between the first 2 and last 2. It is natural and best. I really wish more would nurse. But let’s get honest we don’t need to draw attention to ourselves. There are gonna be attention hogs doing it tho because that’s just the way they are and they will use anything to get it, yes even nursing.

  10. I’ve never seen or heard anyone demonizing it. However, I’ve also never seen a woman doing it in public; always at church functions or private parties.

    In public, the only issue I’d imagine would be guys cat-calling. If girls can’t go down the street in clothing, I don’t really imagine it’d get better with partially exposed breast. (Of course, I doubt a lot of women choose a construction site as an ample location for their child’s nursing.)

    But even if she did, were it safe, there shouldn’t be any reason why she shouldn’t be proud to.

  11. @ Stephen H. – you’re absolutely 💯 correct. Plus your baby is not going hungry. And it wouldn’t make a difference if there was formula on shelves @ the grocery stores.

  12. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing between a Mum and her baby and should NEVER be criticized or have any negative feedback EVER ! Breast milk is best thing for most babies healthy growth and it creates a closer bond between Mum and bub so it should never be shamed, love and light Bill 🙏💜

    • It’s not a new thing and who is demonizing it? You can cover and discreetly breast feed unless you like making some people feel uncomfortable. It’s a respect thing. Or maybe you don’t care about anyone but yourself.

  13. I would use a blanket to cover my breastfeeding in public, but I never got a negative response from others. It is embarrassing, though, leaking milk when I’m at the hairdressers! At the time, my hairdresser was gay, and he was very cool about it.