Bhad Bhabie after her baby daddy beat her up: I love that man more than myself

The 20-second video depicts Le Vaughn pushing and hitting her outdoors. Additionally, the 21-year-old posted two photos revealing her face covered in bruises.

Bhad Bhabie shared a video allegedly showing her being beaten by her estranged boyfriend, Le Vaughn.

Instagram @bhadbhabie

In one of the posts, Bhad Bhabie claimed that Le Vaughn is seeking custody of their daughter. Although she has since deleted all the Stories, her latest post, which remains active, says that she and Le Vaughn split in May.

The 20-second video showed Le Vaughn pushing and beating her outdoors. The incident appears to have taken place around 4 a.m. on June 30. In a subsequent Story, she wrote, “This man thinks he is gonna take my daughter from me!!! Say whatever you want, tryna take my baby is crazy.” The 21-year-old then shared two photos of her face “covered in bruises.”

Instagram @bhadbhabie

Soon after the videos and photos surfaced, her fans took to X to show their support and pray for her. Many demanded that her boyfriend be arrested for assault.

She shared a new insta story today claiming that she loves LV more than herself.

Instagram @BhadBhabie


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