My Daughter Chose Her Rich Dad, Now She Wants to Return

After choosing her wealthy father, a daughter asks to return to her struggling mom, sparking debate over the mom’s conditions.

A mother sought advice on Reddit after her daughter, Maria, chose to live with her rich dad because of his lavish lifestyle. The daughter, now 21, wants to return after being kicked out by her father.

The mother detailed how Maria was pampered by her rich dad while she struggled financially. Their relationship deteriorated when the mother couldn’t afford luxury items, and Maria dropped out of high school at 17.

Rich Dad

Years later, Maria asked to move back in. The mother agreed but set conditions: Maria must get her GED, work, plan her career, and share household chores, though she wouldn’t have to pay rent.

Maria responded angrily to these conditions, insulting her mother before leaving. Reddit users were divided: some found the conditions fair and beneficial, while others thought Maria wasn’t interested in a genuine relationship.

Rich Dad

Ultimately, the mother’s decision to impose conditions reflected their complex family dynamics.

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