10 Famous People Who Made An Drastic Look Change

Different celebrities decided to change the way they look and now it’s not easy to recognize them

Famous people like the ones that work in Hollywood usually are the first ones to bring the latest fashion trends or looks into existence. They often do this to adapt to the different roles they take from different movies. But we know that they love to be stylish and attract attention as much as they can.

We at Viral Strange found different celebrities that decided to change the way they look and now some people can’t even recognize them anymore.

1. Megan Fox


This beautiful lady changed her dark hair color because of the new role she got in the movie Jangsa-RI. She is going to play the role of a foreign reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize.

2. Gigi Hadid


For the newest Prada advertising campaign, Gigi is spotted in a new look with very short hair and invisible eyebrows, it is almost impossible to recognize her with this new look.

3. Naomi Campbell


The real Diva is 48 years old and still surprised all of the people at the Paris Fashion Week when she was spotted with short curly hair, she said goodbye to her long hair and the new look makes her look younger than she is.

4. John Travolta


The 64 years old legendary actor John Travolta made a drastic look change when he decided to shave his head completely and everyone loved this change and supported him with the new look.

5. Matthew McConaughey


Matthew decided to change his gentleman look to this hippie one because of his new role at the movie called The Beach Bum. Yes, we can’t even recognize him anymore because of those long hairs he started to grow.

6. Kit Harington


The king in the north surprised everyone with his look change during the ”How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” presentation because no one ever had seen him with only mustaches and short hair.

7. Kylie Jenner


For us it is not something to not expect from a fashion model icon like Kylie Jenner, she loves to change what she looks very often from light blonde to dark and blue hair she still looks gorgeous.

8. Zac Efron


Handsome actor Zac Efron amazed his followers and fans when he appeared with a look change at the Film Festival of Sundance, his new blonde hair was liked by the people and you can tell this by the increase in his social media engagements.

9. Sophie Turner


The Game Of Thrones Star change her iconic red hair look to a blonde and to be honest, she is slaying it and looks very good with her new look.

10. Madonna

The Pop Queen has changed the way she looks many times during her glorious career but lately, she surprised her fans with the new look she posted on her Instagram with short and dark hair. We think she looks great either way.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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