14 Clear Signs That Your Friend Likes You

Love usually comes in unexpected packages. It does happen in the most unexpected times in your life – with the most unexpected person. They say that the best foundation of love is friendship. Loving a friend is easier because you have known each other for a long time. 

Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 14 clear signs that your friend likes you: 

1. He makes extra effort for you.

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You have been friends for quite a long time, and he suddenly makes an extra effort for you now. He makes you feel special. You know that he cares for you, but this time around, it is different. He makes sure that you went home safely. He checks on you from time to time to make sure that you are okay.

2. He gets jealous when you have suitors lurking around.

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He does not like it when someone is pursuing you. He becomes suddenly becomes protective of you. He tends to confront you when he sees you going out with someone.

3. He can’t look straight into your eyes when his friends are around.

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When you see his friends, they tend to tease you with him. Chances are he told them about how he feels for you.

4.He subtly flirts with you.

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He compliments you on how you look. He can’t keep off his eyes from you. He gives you stares that can melt your heart. 

5.He opens up about his life with you

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He shares his dreams and aspirations with you. He shares his long-term plans with you too.

6. He always shows support with anything that you do.

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He is always there to make you feel that you are capable of achieving greater things in life. He gives you motivation when you feel that you are starting to fall in life.

7. He is just one call away if you need him.

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He is there to rescue you when you have done messy things in your life. He will not hesitate to be there for you even if it is already the wee hours of the night.

8. He is always there to listen and comfort you every time that you are down.

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He assures you that everything will be okay in the long run. He is willing to listen to your stories, rants, and everything under the sun.

9. He shows utmost respect to your loved ones and other people that you cherish.

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He wants to know them more and build a connection with them. He effortlessly builds a great friendship with them too.

10. He makes time to see you.

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He always makes sure to find the time, no matter how hectic his schedule is. A clear sign that someone likes you is when he is always available when you need him. Making someone a priority is a clear manifestation that he clearly cares for you.

11. He does give you extra attention.

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Even when you do not need it, he wants to see you more often. He wants to be with you most of the time. He takes photos of you randomly too. 

12. He feels happy when you appreciate the things he does for you.

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His face lights up with joy when you thank him for being there for him. He makes efforts in exchange for nothing, but he appreciates you for being grateful.

13. He is blushing when you compliment him. 


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He feels excited when you compliment his looks. He blushes when you tell him that he smells good.

14. He becomes extra touchy and clingy. 

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He likes to touch and smell your hair. He holds your hands from time to time.

Most of the time, you will not entertain the thought that your friend likes you because you do not want to assume things. You do not want to think about it not unless he is the one who opens up about it to you. It is best that it came from him to set the record straight. Sometimes, it is not enough to show how you feel. You have to say it directly to the person so she will know your intentions. You have to make everything clear to her. Do not send mixed signals if you do not have plans to pursue her. You really need to have a conversation to be open about how you feel or to clear things out.

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