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15 Amazing Birthmark And Scar Transformations

A collection of scar and birthmark tattoo transformations

Sometimes, birthmarks and scars are considered “imperfections”, and people try to hide them as much as possible. However, to bring a new life to these marks on your body, some artists can help. Luckily tattoos exist.

Viral Strange has collected 15 beautiful birthmark and scar transformations. Enjoy…

1. Beautiful sunflower

Instagram | @tall_garrett_tattoos

2. Fishbones

Instagram | @ericlara_tattoo

3. In love with Disney

Instagram |

4. Simple and classy

Instagram | @emelyne_ink

5. So detailed! Beautiful!

Instagram | @digitalrockfm

6. So elegant!

Instagram | @kai_th_tattoo

7. Looks so soft and delicate

Instagram | @studiobysol


Instagram | @christinetattoos

9. Aesthetic silhouette

Instagram | @lotus_tattoo_studio

10. This zipper!

Instagram | #eliminator_ryan

11. Artistic

Instagram | @annilepanenart

12. Needling

Instagram | @stabbin_and_jabbin

13. Another beautiful sunflower around a birthmark!

Instagram | @bayside_frank

14. Black roses

Instagram | @leannefate

15. Visually captivating!

Instagram | @uhohtaco

Which one did you like most? Tell us in the comments!

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