15+ Genius Girl Tricks That Can Come in Handy

A collection of brilliant tricks women use in their daily life

There is nothing in this world a woman cannot do. That’s scientifically and life-proven already. Haha…

However, some tricks girls use in daily life can sometimes be really useful.

Viral Strange has listed 15+ tricks that may come in handy.

1. Official campaign to find and knight the girl who used McDonald’s wrappers for shoes last night

© martynhett / Twitter

2. How to obey the law in Washington when coffee is life

© Sarah Hubler-Gutierrez / Facebook

3. Selfie Shoes!

© RedRain0418 / Imgur

4. DIY phone holder

© 78 / Tumblr

5. “I knew this would come in handy one day.”

© reese_hebert / Twitter

6. Organizing

© estinysaidit / Twitter

7. “My girlfriend’s mom living in 3083”

© kalebvn / Twitter

8. You can check if a nail color suits you on Snapchat

© @em_young_ /Twitter

9. Cutting the expenses

© unknown author / Imgur

10. “Did I just do something? Or like I’m late?”

© BADGALRHYY / Twitter

11. When not into sewing, create an abstract!

© jcravenw/Reddit

12. I know an engineer when I see one

© AdanEvin / Imgur

13. Well… that’s smart. No other girls in the car, I guess…

© miaakellyy / Twitter

14. When you don’t like the crust

© elenacresci / Twitter

15. Found a brand new way to get your snacks into a movie

© AngelaBrisk / Twitter

16. “My GF is always complaining about the toilet seat, today I came home to this”

© Reddit

17. “My lipstick looked so good today, too”

© makaylaaturner / Twitter

18. False eyelashes always getting wrecked shoving them in ur bag?? Go treat yourself to a kinder egg ur welcome ladies x

© daniellehaighx / Twitter

19. How to hide your pimples

© sweetnessss / Imgur

Which of these tricks do you use in your daily life? Can you mention any other trick that is not on the list above? Tell us in the comments!

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