15 Problems People Face in Adulthood

Fifteen problems no one told you you’d face in adulthood

Many teenagers can’t wait to become an adult. The irony, right? However, little do they know that adulthood comes with many problems that no one told you you would face.

Viral Strange will list 15 problems people face in their adulthood.

1. “The intricacies of workplace politics.”


2. “You are held to account for bad behaviour for which you are negligent even if you had no intention to cause harm. As a lawyer, I see this all the time. People don’t think they’re responsible for mistakes. You are.”


3. “How easy it is to feel stuck in a bad situation (job, relationship, etc) just because the cost and effort of getting out can seem daunting. And sometimes you just have to accept a figurative bowl full of shit because you can’t afford to blow up your life.”


4. “Lack of purpose. All your young life you are given purpose of passing exams and learning, then all of a sudden you are thrown into the world and told to find your own meaning.”


5. “You can stay up as late as you want. But you shouldn’t”


6. “Where did all my friends go?”


7. “Didn’t know that other adults have the emotional intelligence of teenagers and its almost impossible to deal with logically”


8. “Getting burnt out”


9. “$5K is a lot to owe, but not a lot to have.”


10. “Being able to do so many things because I’m an adult but too tired to do any of them.”


11. “Handling the decline and death of your parents”


12. “Life is all about maintenance. Your body, your house, your relationships, everything requires constant never ending maintenance.”


13. “Almost all of your friends wont be life long. No one really talks about how common it is to lose touch with people or grow apart. Most of your life will be spent either making new friends while losing old ones or being alone.”


14. “Being an adult feels extremely lonely.”


15. “Having to make dinner every. F**king. Day.”


What is an adult problem that caught you unprepared? Tell us in the comments!

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