15 Signs That He’s Genuine With How He Feels For You

Don’t choose a boy because he will never be man enough to deal with you. Choose a man because he will really give you what you truly deserve. It is indeed hard to find a man who will fight for you until the end, but you are very lucky if you have one.

Viral Strange came up with 15 signs that he is genuine with how he feels for you:

1. Consistency is there.

Since the day that you met, until now, he is still the same person. He has grown into a more responsible man but nothing has changed at all with his great attitude and attributes.

2. He looks straight into your eyes.

It means his intentions are real. He would not break you heart because for him you are important. Losing you will create a big impact in his life. He already found a gem in you so he will never give up on you.

3. He won’t shout at you or make you feel uncomfortable/disrespected.

He values your opinions. He makes sure that you feel comfortable with him. He shows respect to you and to the people that you love. He is kind to anyone he meets along the way no matter what their status in life is.

5. He won’t force you to have sex with him because he believes that it can wait.

He respects your body. After all, he is not after for sex. He sticks with you because he sees you as his future. That you will be his wife when the right time comes.

6. He’s not afraid to see you gain weight.

He feeds you with food. He accepts you for who you are. After all, they say that  once you are with the right person, you’ll bloom even more and gain weight eventually.

7. He loves you more than your physical appearance.

He sees the beauty of your heart more than anything. He sees your highs and lows. He witnessed all your hardships and he is proud of your achievements.

8. He loves your imperfections.

He loves it when you laugh out loud. He does not despise your stretchmarks. He appreciates you for being strong despite how tough your journey has been.

9. When he says “I love you”, he really means it.

choose a man not a boy


He is true to his words. He does not fake his feelings for you. He is not afraid to show his vulnerabilities with you. He feels blessed to have you, so he is grateful for every moments that you had together.

10. He will never leave you despite people’s disapproval of your relationship.

He chose you for a beautiful reason, so other people’s opinion can never  change that. He will not be swayed with the negativity that other people are saying. He will choose you until the end even if other people are against it at some point.

11. He doesn’t like flirting. He really pursues you.

He is man enough to pursue you. He does not give out mix signals. He is true to his intentions for you.

12. He supports your plans.

He does not cage you. He is all out in supporting your visions and goals. He wants to see you succeed too.

13. He is protective but not possessive.

He makes you feel safe, but he does not make you feel that you are being choked. He is not strict with you or something because he trusts you so much. He knows that you will never do something that will make him break that trust.

14. He doesn’t just meet you somewhere else. He visits you at home. 

He visits you at home as a sign of respect to your parents. He wants to be connected with the people you love as well. He wants to know you deeper.

15. He doesn’t take advantage of your weaknesses.

He does not give you  reasons to doubt him. He makes you feel that your weaknesses do not make you worthless. He strengthens you to believe in yourself all the time.

Just because you have been hurt before, that does not mean that all guys are the same. There will always be someone who will treat you right. Someone who will give you so many reasons to believe that true  love is always pure and beautiful.

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Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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