20 Funny Situations That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

Funny situations that will bring a smile on your face

We overthink too much. I know that because I do, too. The pandemic and everything else in life found us unprepared to deal with them.

However, some situations are just hilarious, and the thing is that those can make our life instantly better.

Viral Strange has collected 20 funny pictures that will put a smile on your face.

1. “Found my daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.”

Reddit | lala989

2. Trust issues

Reddit | undercoverantichrist

3. “My roommate celebrates Christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah. We decided to build a compromise.”

Reddit | mcsassy3

4. “Drunk roommate was ‘saving it for later’.”

Reddit | green_spandex

5. “My girlfriend creatively rearranged her parents wall quote after the dog destroyed her shoes.”

6. “The stocking my parents hung for my wife.”

Reddit | akantho

7. The right angle!

Reddit | silverslimz

8. “My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of ’em.”

Reddit | janepatticynmo

9. “This is how my friend cuts his baguettes for sandwiches.”

Reddit | frenchie23

10. “My kid decided to be an astronaut in Ikea and my mom followed suit.”

Reddit | junpatticynmo

11. “Logan just turned a year old and she still loves her pacifier.”

Reddit | TuckerLogan

12. “Found someone asleep at the library so I put 50 Shades of Grey in front of him.”

Reddit | WotUsernameIsntTaken

13. “My mate wasn’t going to his graduation due to his parent being away, so we took a budget graduation photo and stepped in as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.”

Reddit | Zoomer1997

14. “Finally got a picture of this billboard. There’s another on the opposite side of the building.”

Reddit | LilithMey

15. “My parents left this frame empty for too long, so I decided to fill it.”

Reddit | Narraboth

16. “When your kid asks for a 3DS for his birthday.”

Reddit | lundah

17. “My family played bingo during my brother’s graduation to pass the time.”

Reddit | ConiferousMedusa

18. “My friend made a tumbler that looks like a Lysol can.”

Reddit | notmyrealname3737

19. “The difference between social media and real life.”

Reddit | MBMV

20. “How my aunt feels about raising her kids.”

Reddit | orange_sprinkles

Which one did you like most? Tell us a funny situation that you have memorized in your mind!

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