23 Genius Advertising Designs That Are So Catchy

A collection of the most catchy advertising designs

The advertising world needs creativity and geniuses! We are talking about the whole team of advertising, but especially the designers!

They have to bring out the best in their advertising to give the exact feeling the company wants as feedback.

Viral Strange has collected 23 advertising designs that have made an impact.

1. Duracell batteries in Indian buses


2. Folgers Coffee waking up people in the streets


3. The Copenhagen Zoo’s unusual advertising

© Copenhagen Zoo

4. Iams ad for pet food on the rear windows of taxis


5. Encanto Pops playful advertising ” Enchanted to meet you.”

© encantopops

6. Glassdoor’s ad for hiring: “Find the job that fits your life.”

© glassdoor

7. World Sleep Day ad: “Today World Sleeps”

© worldsleepday

8. Zaini Chocolate used real coffee for its candies

© zainispa

9. “Some like it short,” by HONDA

© honda

10. “Makes them stronger, not smarter.” by Gosbi

© gosbi

11. Roladin’s ad for its sweets

© roladin

12. Fresh Step and its funny ad for cat litter

© freshstep

13. Car rental advertising by Hertz

© hertz

14. McCafé: “Sometimes we need to be awake during the time that we would usually be resting.”

© mcdonalds

15. Jeep SUVs: Go where they won’t go.

© fcagroup

16. “Detergent cleans. Downy does the rest.” by Downy.

© downy

17. Blumarea diving school: “We’ll make you love water.”

18. Motorola GPS Service navigators ad

© motorolasolutions

19. McDonald’s vegetarian menu advertising

© McDonald’s

20. A wine and jazz festival ad

© jazzinmadison

21. Getty Images advertising 360-degree images

© gettyimages

22. Colgate: “Bring back your white smile, but nothing else.”

© colgate

23. IOL newspaper: “You can’t get any closer to the news. Know all about it.”

© iol

Which one did you like most? Tell us in the comments!

Written by DADADEL

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