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27 Fashion Design Disasters

Pictures showing a total disaster in the fashion design industry

Being on-trend doesn’t always mean being fashionable.

Viral Strange will show 27 total disasters in the fashion design industry.

1. Exactly the same!

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2. Oh, Kim…

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3. Feet support

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4. When go to you pull your jeans up but don’t know your own strength

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5. Why do these shoes kinda look like Salvador Dalí?

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6. Because I’m a full meal, baby.

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7. Steve Buscemi yoga pants are fashion level: EXPERT

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8. Fashion Newest Converse

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9. Yeah, let’s get some milk…

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10. Be true to others

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11. Because why not…

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12. I found the internet on my mall today

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13. On sale now. Customized for folks with massive nuts…

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14. I walk with nature. Literally.

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15. Dress for the job you want…

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16. Sport High Heels

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17. I want this mermaid onesie for Xmas so bad. You can even see out the hoodie when zipped.

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18. This Outfit Leaves Little To The Imagination

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19. Beach wear sandals

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20. Introducing the latest in Calvin Klein fashion! The $2,100 sweater with no torso… any buyers?

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21. Yeah…

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22. Ready for battle

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23. They call it ‘fashion’

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24. When you get attacked by a bear on your way to church, but you still gotta go praise the Lord!

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25. En route pour un shoot

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26. Ridiculous

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27. Jeans or shorts?

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Which one would you NEVER wear? Let us know in the comments!

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