30 Useless Things That Have Messed Up The World In Some Way

A thread of inventions people think should have never existed

Life is beautiful and complicated. There’s beauty in it, too.

However, some things complicate life on another level, and people don’t need that kind of drama. A thread on Reddit has gathered useless inventions that, in their opinion, are not needed in the world.

Viral Strange has collected 30 of the most liked comments on this thread.

1. “Beauty pageants for children”

Image source: lempickavanille

2. “Gender reveal parties”

Image source: Deb_bomb

3. “For profit prisons”

Image source: tommygunz007

4. “So called influncers, I’m probably too old to understand them but I certainly don’t want my 1 year old to aspire to be one”

Image source: GloveExtreme

5. “Smart devices. No LG, I don’t want to download an app to use my f*****g washing machine, I want to wash my clothes ffs”

Image source: Food404

6. “Shark fin soup – Tens of millions of sharks are killed every year for their fins that offer little nutritional value and serve no purpose outside of being a status symbol”

Image source: flying-monke

7. “Any product that you pay for, and then have to pay a subscription to use.”

Image source: Free_Moose4649

8. “Reality TV. I swear it glamorized the worst kind of behavior, and we ate it up.”

Image source: dacforlife

9. “Landmines. I’ll tell you why: They render large tracts of land completely unusable. They are expensive and difficult to remove safely because there is seldom documentation of where they are placed. They are cheap, plentiful, easy to place, and deadly. They kill/maim livestock and wild animals. They kill/maim innocent people decades after conflicts have ended. Many times the victims are children because they can’t read or don’t understand warning signs”

Image source: RichardDune91

10. “Seafloor trawling. It destroys the habitant of fish just so we can squeeze every bit of a fish from an area…”

Image source: memmoria91

11. “40+ hour work week”

Image source: Wes_Jelqer

12. “YouTube “end screens” (or “end cards”) that often block content at the end of the video you’re watching.”

Image source: jrmiv4

13. “Devices meant to break after a short period of time, and devices that purposely have parts you can’t replace.”

Image source: ShippiWorld

14. “Facebook”

Image source: PeterJQuill

15. “Robocalls”

Image source: c_fritz

16. “Single use plastics”

Image source: toodlesandpoodles

17. “I’ve gone through a ton and haven’t seen this one. Slavery.”

Image source: princesshaley2010

18. “Cookie pop-ups. How come we still don’t have a more efficient way to manage our browsing privacy.”

Image source: QBekka

19. “Unskippable Ads”

Image source: ausaf_007

20. “Ads with sounds that play when your phones sound is off”

picture for representation purposes only

21. “Drug commercials. F**k me, your average joe, making drug recommendations TO MY DOCTOR – who spent 10+ years studying and working to be in the position.”

Image source: denikar

22. “They’ve ruined the environment by killing off the pollinators. I swear, they will be the reason for more food shortages just as swiftly as climate change will affect us all.”

Image source: Melonski-Chan

23. “Pop up ads. Not only are they so annoying but can either scam or install malware on the devices of unsuspecting people.”

Image source: Spookz03

24. “Auto play videos, especially in non video streaming websites. NOBODY asked for them, yet so much work is getting put into making it a web standard. Just f*****g stop.”

Image source: HeckingLoveDogs

25. “Fast fashion. I can’t imagine the amount of cheap, tacky clothes just mountains in landfills.”

Image source: pyky69

26. “Ads on streaming services that I F*****G pay for. You don’t need revenue, Hulu, that’s what my subscription is!”

Image source: prof_dynamite

27. “Convenience fees on debit/credit card transactions.”

Image source: skifro

28. “Microtransactions”

Image source: Pharo2929

29. “Cigarettes”

Image source: TheDarkKnight1035

30. “Adblock detectors. Your site forces me to disable adblock? Ill just go to another site.”

Image source: Titanmaster970

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