32 Most Strange And Stupid Tattoos You Will Ever See On Someone.

A collection of strange and bizzare tattoos that will shock you.

Tattoos are a piece of art that has been always with us in different periods of civilization. They symbolize a story and event or just because they may look good or sexy on your body. Most people do experiments with tattoos in their own bodies and we may say that sometimes a good-looking tattoo is born from these ideas. But there are people that push it to the limits of stupidity like they are trying to embarrass themselves in front of others.

We at Viral Strange ate going to list for you a collection of tattoo photos that will make you say, How can this happen?

1. Yes you look like a real clown!

2. Just a Hippie doing his thing.

3. Great tattoo skills you got there my friend.

4. That’s what you get from a low-cost tattoo.

5. Excuse me sir but can you explain this?

6. At least she is a dog person.

7. You are a real ”Cowboy” sir.

8. That is in the wrong place girl


9. Instruction manual on point.

10. How can someone do this?

11. He let a kid do this tattoo.

12. This watch shows always the time precisely!

13. This is hilarious!

14. The facts are on point though, the tattoo is not so mutch.

15. You look like a sick cartoon character.

16. Look at me, I am a joke.

17. The galaxy is collapsing on his back!

18. Yes Mrs.Bubble

19. Ohh it’s a real crusader.

20. He got eyes on his back!

21. That’s, not the SpongeBob I remember when I was a kid.

22. That’s just so wrong.

23. Just an Entastic tattoo you got there.

24. But no faith can keep you.

25. That is so maniac thing to do.

26. What?? Are you sure about that?

27. Duck you too!

28. My brain can’t handle this!

29. At least he got a sense of humor.

30. Let me guess, that’s your spirit animal?

31. So Eduard was a Vampire?

32. The wings that nobody wants.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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