5 Reasons Why Not Keeping Bras Is Good For Women Health

An explanation for women out there why not wearing your bras has health benefits

Bras have been a part of women since ancient times when they were first used in Greece, bras have many benefits by wearing them, but did you know that not wearing them at all is more beneficial because the human body is designed to not need bras for wearing so any addon may cause problems to our body and health.

We at Viral Strange are going to list 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wear bras and how your body benefits by doing so.

1. You will have a good and more relaxed sleep.

As new studies show is that wearing bras while you sleep might influence your physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24 hours cycle. It affects any creature on earth and wearing bras while you sleep might damage the natural state of this cycle.

2. Not wearing bras will make your breast appear fuller.

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Every woman out there uses bras to tighten their breasts and appear fuller and push them up but little do they know that not wearing them at all might help get a better result because letting your bras hand and loose will improve and strengthen your pectoral muscles. These muscles by training will make your breast look fuller and buxom.

3. Perkier and stronger breasts.

After 15 years of studying woman body anatomy, a professor from Besaçon University named Jean-Denis Rouillon said that after an entire year of wearing bras women’s breasts drop more than 7mm compared to the woman who didn’t wear bras at all for a year. These studies were supported also by some Japonize research who also came to similar results.

4. Improving breast health.

By not wearing bras you keep away dirt and sweat being accumulated into your skin because usually, bras materials don’t allow the body to get enough ventilated. Also not wearing bras might help you with improved health and muscles also by wearing bras you might notice a slight decoloration of skin around your breasts.

5. Better blood circulation

By wearing bras you risk compressing your blood vessels and making your body blood circulation more difficult, this goes for any tightening piece of clothes you wear, Try not to squeeze your bras too much to let the blood flow more freely and natural.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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