5 Signs You Are In a Happy Relationship

Signs that show your relationship is a happy and deeply intimate one

A life and relationship coach I know says that the only thing that can ruin every kind of relationship is our own expectations. Being raised watching those romantic movies, we might have a different perspective on what we might expect. Sparks and butterflies in our stomachs are just a chemical reaction to our physical attraction. That’s okay. Love is the most beautiful thing to be felt. The feelings when we are around the people we love are special, and sometimes all of it looks like magic.

People’s feelings are complex because each one of us is unique, and in different stages of life, we have different feelings. “A life without love, is not a life worth living,” they say, and it is right. On the other hand, regarding the different phases of life, we might misunderstand lust for love or love for control, etc. In the end, we live for those out-of-this-world feelings, don’t we?

In your life, you will meet many people. Some of them will mostly be the ‘wrong’ ones. Nonetheless, the experience we gain gets us closer to the right ones.

Of course, sometimes it might look impossible, but the right one will show at the right time. People go through heartbreaks, and it seems like they will never reach that ever-lasting love they are looking for. On the other hand, some people are lucky enough to have met their special one. The feeling you get when you share your life with another amazing person is the best in the world.

To go into that stage of a relationship, both of you must have a good level of intimacy, and we are not talking only about the physical one. Some people can instantly know when they have reached this phase, and others might have it difficult to understand if their relationship is genuine, depending on their personality.

Viral Strange has listed 5 signs that will show you if you are in that happy, deeply intimate relationship.

1. Not treating each other like a project

When you accept each other as you are, you are open to their flaws and limitations. Supporting someone and pushing him/her too hard to change are two different things. You should always support each other in bettering yourselves, but not change who you are.

You don’t play and experiment with each other’s feelings because you’re not a project, and there is respect between you.

2. Efforts to bettering each other’s lives

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A comfortable life will be fulfilling. Finding happiness together and lifting each other up when things go south, it’s the main strength of a relationship. You are a team, and you both try to better your lives in a complementary way.

3. You both love those deep and meaningful conversations

Intimacy does not come only from physical attraction. Intimacy is when your mental, spiritual, and emotional stimulations are synchronized. Those butterflies might grow old someday, but the intimacy that fulfills the soul will stay forever. When you have that special person that you can have deep and meaningful conversations with, you have reached the so-wanted level of intimacy everyone else is craving.

4. You share similar worldviews and values

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The most ‘scary’ part in a relationship, when you are emotionally invested in it, is speaking your mind freely. Being afraid if your special one doesn’t share the same views as you do, might prevent you from engaging in some ‘spicy’ topics. However, if you talk with each other without the fear of being judged it’s a good start.

On the other hand, sharing similar worldviews and values will make your lives and relationship much easier. The couples that have this kind of synergy between them, will grow not only a healthy relationship but a strong partnership throughout their lives.

5. You enjoy each other’s presence, yet are independent

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Being there for each other, and respecting the commitment and your individual lives is the most important part of a happy relationship.

Having a good life together means having a healthy individual life, too. Being independent brings both your strengths into the relationship. In that way, your relationship will grow stronger over time.

How is your relationship? Has it grown stronger in time? Tell us more in the comments.

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