82 Year Old Martha Stewart Shares Hot Pic, This Detail Will Catch You Attention

Recently, the 82-year-old Martha Stewart delighted her fans by sharing a confident and stylish selfie, exuding both charm and youthfulness.

© marthastewart48 / Instagram

Known for captivating Instagram posts, Stewart, who gained attention with a viral poolside picture in July 2020, presented another captivating image – a sultry bathroom mirror selfie featuring her in an elegant silver nightgown.

© marthastewart48 / Instagram

Fans flooded her comments with compliments, labeling her “Thirst Trap Martha” and playfully advising her to “chill” as some admirers humorously noted the presence of their significant others on the app.

© marthastewart48 / Instagram

However, not everyone was on board with the bold selfie. Critical voices emerged, suggesting that Stewart, in her 80s, should reconsider emulating youthful expressions and be more transparent about the use of filters. Some even pointed out perceived changes in her nose.

© marthastewart48 / Instagram

Despite the critique, the positive comments significantly outweighed the negative ones. Martha Stewart not only continues to look exceptional but also challenges societal expectations, defying stereotypes about how women of advanced age should dress and share photos.

Written by Telha

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