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9 Easy Money-Saving Hacks For Daily Products

Hacks to use for everyday products while saving money

Living costs keep rising alongside our expectations for a better life. Some people might say that you need to cut off some expenses you might not need, such as beauty products or something else.

We surely want to keep up with our daily life while not spending lots of money. Sometimes it might be difficult, and we get stressed out. However, relax! You can use some tricks to save money.

Viral Strange will list some easy hacks that can come in handy to save some money with products you might use in everyday life.

1. Put the dried mascara in hot water

This is a lifesaver when it comes to mascaras. Some of them dry so fast, and it might come to a time when we might not have much money left to spend on beauty products.

Put your dried mascara in a container with hot boiling water. Leave it for some minutes for the hot water to do its job. After that, you will have reusable mascara because the hot water softens the dried texture.

2. Broken lip balm can be used to soften dry skin

Lip balms often get broken because they are soft. You might be in the same situation. However, do not worry. You can put it in a container and use it to soften dry skin.

3. Baking soda and water to clean your hair straightener

Do you ever clean your flat or curling iron? No? Do you buy a new one? Oh… Let’s save you some money. A good cleansing will make your hair tools the same as new!

What do you need? Baking soda and water. Mix them both in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the hair straightener with a dry sponge, and leave it for 10-30 seconds. Then, wipe it with a tissue or a cloth, and you’re done!

4. Get a free coffee at coffee shops

You can save me money with coffee, too. Tell the barista that it’s your birthday. Many coffee shops give you free coffee for your special day.

5. Fix the dark foundation shade with a lighter one or moisturizer

Sometimes we might buy a darker shade of foundation by mistake. However, this can be easily fixed. Mix it with a lighter shade you may have at home or with a moisturizer to get the perfect shade that suits your skin color.

6. Add eyedrops to the dried nail polish

Sometimes, nail polish becomes dry in time. To revive it again, you can add eye drops. Then you can paint your nails.

7. Keep the nail polish in the fridge

Old nail polishes begin to lose pigmentation and evaporate the solvent. To prevent this from happening, put the nail polish in the fridge, so it can last longer.

8. Is the light shade of foundation useless? Use it as a concealer.


Lighter shades of foundation that do not match our skin color can be used as a concealer! Apply it as the usual concealer: to the center of the face, where the natural light falls.

9. A rubber dog chewing ring for curly hair

You can spend less money than buying a curling iron or going to a hairdresser by using a chewing ring toy for dogs. Yes! You only have to place it on your head after you have wet your hair. Then, roll the hair around it. Keep it throughout the night, and the next day say “Hi!” to your beautiful curls.

Do you use any of these hacks in your daily life? Tell us more in the comments about how you save money.


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