Beach-goers horrified! Real-life “Dune worm” vampire creature

Beach-goers were stunned by the discovery of a bloodsucking sea creature the size of a child in the UK, likened to “Dune’s” supersized sandworms, with a photo sparking speculation on Facebook about its identity.

Beach-goers were shocked by the appearance of a bloodsucking sea creature, comparable in size to a child, washing ashore in the UK, drawing parallels to the giant sandworms from “Dune”.

Jarco Havermans via Pen News

As a photo of the parasitic entity went viral on Facebook with viewers attempting to discern its identity, according to Will Miles, 26, who encountered the unsettling sight while walking along a beach in Devon after work.

He described it as reminiscent of an oversized leech with a sucker filled with sharp, inward-pointing teeth, measuring approximately 31 inches long, about the size of a two-year-old child.

Jarco Havermans via Pen News

The creature identified as an Atlantic ocean native is capable of reaching nearly four feet in length, which feeds by attaching to its prey with a tooth-covered disc and consuming blood and bodily tissue using a toothed rasping tongue akin to the inner jaw of a space parasite from “Alien,”.

Pen News/Will Miles

Attacks on humans are rare but potentially cause painful bites and the risk of infection if untreated, as reported by the Weather Network.

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